Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning or WebDAV for short is a protocol with the basic functionality of includes allowing users to copy, move, share as well as edit files in a web browser. Android WebDAV sync means ensuring that updates on your android phone are sent to the webdav server of your choice.

Alternatively, WebDAV can be utilized to support collaborative apps with features such as revision tracking and file locking. This post will give you an insight into the features of WebDAV and how to sync it on your android.

Android WebDAV Sync Features

  • Download files as well as resources and store locally on your device
  • See supported types of files like jpg, .doc, .xls, as well as .pdf files.
  • Upload photos from local photo gallery or photos captured with the cam are available
  • Forward the downloaded documents via email
  • HTTPS which include self-signed certificates
  • Capability to see certain files without the need of downloading
  • Built-in webserver

Your Guide to WebDAV Android Sync

Want to add WebDAV to your android powered device? If so, you are in the right place. Some people are wondering what would you need to sync WebDAV to your Android phone. Well, the answer is very simple, you can snag files easily onto your desktop from your smartphone device.

WebDAV allows the users in accessing the Android device’ directory structure (of course minus system files) from the web browser. If you are utilizing a SharePoint-compatible app that has IE 4.0 or more, you can open the app for editing.

android webdav sync
So, here is a simple guide regarding WebDAV Android Sync:


There are two versions of the application- the ad-free version and the free version. Both have similar features. The first version will need you to pay a considerable amount of money. There’s a free version that you can try.

To set up WebDAV, you have to follow these steps:

  1. On your Android tablet or smartphone, go to Google Play Store
  2. Look for WebDAV
  3. Find and click the entry for WebDAV by the Olive Tree
  4. Click install tab
  5. Make sure to pay attention to the permission listing
  6. If you think the permission listing is acceptable, click the Accept button.
  7. Let the installation process to complete, and it will just take a couple of minutes and ensure you have a fast internet connection
  8. Once it is set up, you are a tab click away from having access to all your files

How to Use Sync for WebDAV on Android

From the home screen, click the red tab to begin the server to revisit the address, which will then provide you the URL where to access to file.

On your desktop web browser, point it where the address is to begin downloading all your files.

WebDAV by default isn’t protected by a password. Luckily, the developers put in the capability to add a password to keep the connection safe. To put in a layer of protection do these steps:

6 Steps for Android WebDAV Sync

  1. Ensure the server is not working
  2. Click the wrench icon located in the upper corner
  3. Click enable Use Password
  4. Key in User Name
  5. Key in User Password
  6. Click the back tab to go back the homepage

Conclusion for Android WebDAV Sync

If you are searching for the best ways to access files from Android device, then consider this WebDAV Android sync guide.

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/kknrCfZHsyo