Are you looking for a secure, fast as well as full-featured BitKinex WebDAV client that is powerful and reliable lie the best FTP programs available at this point?

Naturally, you want a high-speed, easy to navigate interface kind of support  that does not mess and muddle your desktop during multi-part download, broken transfers continuation and resumption.

BitKinex integrates the fuctionality of an innovative FTP, SFTP and WebDAV client for Windows. In addition to features found in other popular FTP programs (like support for the SSL/SSH, multipart and multithreaded transfers, remote edit or FXP) our FTP client introduces several unique approaches and solutions

BitKinex Team

Is it possible for users to get similar power and comfort, which contemporary FTP software users take advantage of? You can try BitKinex, a high-quality and valued WebDAV client and you will be astounded how effective as well as comfortable your job can be. Included in this article are some of the perks of BitKinex WebDAV can give you.

What is a BitKinex WebDAV Integration?

Bitkinex WebDAV

BitKinex is a popular WebDAV client ideal for those who like to speed up their tasks related to WebDAV. It makes no difference if you’re a newbie making your first site or a supreme user handling lots of WebDAV servers. This WebDAV client will help you in the field of WebDAV securely and with simplicity, giving you with perks which cannot be obtained in other WebDAV clients.

Why Consider BitKinex WebDAV Connectivity?

If you continuously deal with WebDAV as an approach of transferring files, you are likely to upset in the standard Windows support for it. This WebDAV client is a stop shop tool for SFTP, FTP as well as WebDAV transfers.

Mapping WebDAV to network drives can be hard for Windows 7 users; however, this can be solved by this WebDAV client. BitKinex is a super lightweight solution for file transfer to a far-off WebDAV dump, and other file serves as well. This supports many transfer protocols, drag and drops transferring the file, two-pane browsing a well as brings the comfort of a habitual FTP client to WebDAV data transfer.

Even if this BitKinex is insufficient of simple interface of mapped drives, this WebDAV client is indeed simple to use. It is a free app and works well where windows do.

Top reasons to Use BitKinex

Speed up the work considerably: It utilized many connections not just for transferring files but also for browsing or deletion of far off directories

Instantly utilizes high-speed multipart as well as multithreaded data transfer when possible

Perfect reliability assures trouble-free processing complex and hard WebDAV tasks

  1. Integrated with request managers that continuously monitor your task in full detail (moving complicated directory structures, uploading website pages, making new directories as well as editing remote files)
  2. Interrupted unfinished requests can be resumed instantly by restarting the app
  3. Proven security standards that keep file safe and secure
  4. This support a powerful cryptographic algorithm utilized in banking as well as work-critical systems
  5. Optional password security for serve definition

Space-saving user-interface allows you to focus on your most important jobs

Reduces the amount of space used on the desktop to a single small window which shows the position of running requests. 

BitKinex current version is able to support HTTPS, HTTP, SFTP, FTPS, FTP as well as WebDAV protocols which include FXP and protocol-independent server to server transfer, resumption and request scheduling, command-line interface, properties inheritance, overwrite rules, file filtering, transparent window as well as a whole lot more. 

The latest version supports SFTP, HTTP, FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, as well as WebDAV protocols. These include transparent windows, indirect (protocol independent) and direct (FXP) server-to-server transfers, properties inheritance, command-line interface, request scheduling and resumption, overwrite rules, file filters, and so much more!