A lot of users in all businesses opt to WebDAV or Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning for an open-source protocol for versioning as well as managing the file. The Box WebDAV URL is where you’ll connect your webDAV devices to Box.com. The calendar protocol, CalDAV, is driven by WebDAV. Thus, it is commonly utilized where users commonly expect.


You don’t want to see this prompt.

WebDAV with Box integration is a common subject today. Recently, Box.com proclaimed that they would no longer supper Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning problems. It is possible not to get any support. However, there is a service available which will instantly connect WebDAV device to Box.

Here is some info on WebDAV Box URL connectivity and other factors you must think of:

Box WebDAV URL Overview Connections

Connecting to Box WebDAV URL is working at present using this URL, https://dav.box.com/.

Is Box WebDAV – supported?

You can’t link to Box through the WebDAV Box URL after the month of October this year. This caused an outcry in the community of box. This is the same as Dropbox short of WebDAV support.

Steps to Manually Connect WebDAV Box URL

The method of connecting WebDAV from your Box is denounced. So, meaning the WebDAV box URL might not be accessible. Box community recommends utilizing thirty party clients in order to map a drive to OSX.

Ways to link via Box WebDAV URL

  • Got to your Box account
  • Connect WebDAV client to WebDAV box URL
  • Keep in mind the box doesn’t give access to a web browser. You’ll have to make use of a third-party client.
  • Issues You Encounter in Connecting WebDAV to Box
  • The issues below are known in connecting WebDAV to Box.
  • Aliases don’t work with logging in Box via WebDAV, including secondary aliases. WebDAV Box connections just support main addresses.
  • If Location is Not Available appears when connecting to Box, your box account might require a re-authentication
  • If the error log for WebDAV Box connection appears Access Denied, then captcha problem in past listing may be the main culprit.
  • Opening of files related to Adobe and Office might lead to login prompt problems such as:

This is a recognized problem wherein the prompt or logs in will continuously open when the software or program you are making use of isn’t open at present when downloading files from a box drive that is mapped via WebDAV. Password is saved. Therefore, tapping OK must open the data. This irritating prompt will no longer appear when you open lots of data with extension once the program is left open.

Troubleshooting Box WebDAV URL Connection

There are some easy steps that you can take to know what’s happening with your WebDAV Box connections.
If you are opening an Excel or Microsoft Word file which is crashing, you may need to try these simple steps:

  • Go to Control Panel then tap Programs
  • Tap “View installed Applications.”
  • Look for “Update for Office 2010”
  • Right-clickUNINSTALL any update
  • Repeat 3rd and 4th steps for the KB3054886