Getting the CalDAV Account Verification Failed response is common. Calendaring Extensions to WebDAV or CalDAV for short is an online standard which allows clients to access meeting or scheduling file on a remoter server.

You must first understand this extension which makes use of iCalendar format for information. CardDAV is a client-server protocol which allows the user to share contact file on a server.

CalDAV Account Verification Failed

CalDAV is easy to use. However, to make use of this extension, you need to submit your email add. All employees and contacts should be related to an active email address. For the calendaring extension to WebDAV, the classification of meeting contributors and partakers depends solely on an email address. Users must have a similar registered email address on their device.

How Important Is CalDAV?

CalDAV is very important as it coordinates calendar data in various devices. This is accessible in your email account. It makes use of the format of iCalncer and can run with iOS, Mac OS X, Gmail, Android, as well as Thunderbird. RVSP, editing as well as other functionalities are also available.

Benefits of CalDAV

CalDAV also offers a mechanism for WebDAV server to sync calendar file with many clients. Using this protocol, you are able to keep your contact as well as calendar data harmonize and organize and it, what is more; you can easily set up CalDAV on your phone. This can install the same way as CardDAV on both android and apple devices. All you need is a supporting account that is activated by DAV.

Upon activation, you will get a notification describing the steps on how to install the DAV sync account on your phone be it android or iOS powered.

If during connecting or configuring to your CalDAV account on your iPad, iPhone poor Android phone, the CalDAV account verification failed is shown, then there’s a problem with authentication.

Proper Way of Solving CalDAV Account Verification Failed Error?

In case you encounter an error when logging into your CalDAV account on your iPad, iPhone and Android phone, a ‘CalDAV account verification failed’ prompt will appear. You don’t have to worry, because this thing can be addressed quickly by following the steps below.

How to Address this Issue?

  1. First, you have to re-enter your password and then tap the Done tab. On the right portion, you will see a blue checkmark. This shows that your account is recognized and will work once more.
  2. If that would not address the issue, delete your account and re-add it for a second time.
  3. Once the error prompt still appears, reset the password you are using under menu option. However, keep in your mind that the new password applies from that time when registering to CRM.
  4. Re-enter the newly created password on your phone’s CalDav account.

In case that doesn’t address the problem, delete your account and re-add it for the second time.

caldav account verification failed

Did this solve your CalDAV Account Verification Failed Error issue?

In due course, your CalDAV account must appear blue checkmark, and this assures you that your connection is successful. This is the most important thing. You can address the issue by following the steps above.

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