Know how to add CalDAV account with Windows 10, you are in the right place. This post will give you a thorough step on proper configuration of CalDAV client Windows 10 implementation.

Windows 10 supports syncing calendar data and contacts to the integrated People, Mail and Calendar apps with a CalDAV server. But, usually, this functionality is just limited to chosen MS partners. You don’t have to worry as you utilize a workaround to include CalDAV.

CalDAV Client Windows 10

Generic CalDAV client can’t be added in Windows 10, because it inflicts to synchronizing just with Yahoo, iCloud as well as Google accounts. WebDAV Sync Engine in Windows employs support for all generic accounts. However, putting in such an account is not a choice on hand to users.

Still, you can sync and run it by adding iCloud account and changing the address of the server.

Reminder: Following this guide may constitute some risks on your end. Avoid using this guide using login credentials, which unlocks all accounts you may not want shared with iPhone. iPhone is not likely to log the wrong login information which is delivered to the servers.

If your account does not have personal info or you are fine with Apple potentially acquiring a copy of your password, then follows this guide.

One important thing, DAV username need to have an email add in order to work. But, still, it depends on the service provider and your server as well.

Configure CalDAV Client Windows 10 Microsoft

To organize a custom CalDAV server, the first thing to do is to put in a placeholder iCloud in Windows.

  1. Click Widows Setting application, and then tap Accounts
  2. Tap Add a new account and pick iCloud
  3. Key in your DAV username
  4. Key in NotPASDWORD, this will serve as your password. Ensure not to key in your true password. Here, the password you key in sent to Apple
  5. Tap Sign in.
  6. At the moment, you have non-working iCloud account that you can utilize as a template for arranging generic CalDAV account.
  7. From the email and app account list, you can choose an account. Tap Modify account
  8. Tap Advanced mailbox setting
  9. Key in “localhost” in the SMTP and IMAP server fields, doing this will avoid your password from sending to Apple email server.
  10. Key in your CalDAV server address in the right fields
  11. Tap Done
  12. Enter your true password in Password field
  13. Tap Save

caldav client windows 10
Initial syncing can take longer; it all depends on the number of the files required syncing. Your contacts and calendar data must pop up in the People and Calendar apps and on the lock screen as well.

More Info about CalDAV Windows 10 ClientServer Administrator

Your username must be a valid email add. This is because the user interface does not let users to key in anything else. Perhaps there is no wrong in supporting email add.

Windows will automatically find your CalDAV endpoint through visiting This URL redirects to the real and genuine endpoint address. Also, windows will guess a number of endpoint targets once the recognized auto-discovery technique fails. You must not depend on this. Instead, you must put well-known URIs in practice.