CalDAV is an industry-standard language which Apple Calendars and Contacts utilize to correspond with other applications. CalDAV iOS integrations can be translators who help apps correspond with another as well as share file and information from Calendars.

By installing this protocol to iOS, you are able to reap these perks with comprehensive functionality.


In previous years, the user has been able to synchronize Google contacts with their Apple gadgets with the application of Exchange iTunes Settings, or in the Calendar and Contacts apps on the operating system – therefore how CalDAV is better than what many users are currently using and doing?

CalDAV IOS provides many perks over exchange as well as other ways of syncing. Like for instance, while previous methods in syncing need manual input, CalDAV is totally automatic.

Once you sync your iOS contact utilizing CalDAV, you can add, edit, as well as delete contacts from your phone as well as keep them in tune anytime and anywhere you utilize them. Once you install iCloud, is syncing contacts from other accounts, or already have a contact stored on the phone, you have to choose a Default Account. This enables the user to make new contacts on your iOS gadget that directly added to his default account.

CalDAV iOS: How to Setup

Keeping your contacts and calendar events is so easy due to CalDAV protocols. This enables the user to host file from your server/domain, so it’s accessible from many devices concurrently. Like for instance, once you edit or make an appointment from your iOS device, this protocol is utilized to transmit those modifications instantly on the domain.

Since it syncs with the domain, if you see the schedule from your iPhone, the schedule would be updated with the latest data.

Follow the simple steps provided for you to know how to sync CalDAV accounts to your iOS device. You have to follow the steps very carefully.

If your server is not certified or does not have an SSL certificate, there will be a notification or warning that will come up on the screen during the process of installation.

Still, if you want to have a CalDAV account, click accept and go on with the process.


Setting up the CalDAV Account

  1. On your iOS gadget, follow these steps:
  2. Click “Settings”
  3. Choose, Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  4. Click “Add Account”
  5. Choose “Other button”
  6. Under Calendars Click “Add CalDAV account”
  7. For domain key in
  8. For Password key in your email password
  9. For User Name key in email add that you are using
  10. For User Name, enter your email address.
  11. In the Description field, you can put anything you like and it’s going to be auto-populated based on the Server field input.
  12. Click Next
  13. Now, your webmail calendar now includes events visible once you open your webDAV iOS device’s calendar application. Any modifications done in webmail will appear on your iOS gadget with a refresh.


CalDAV iOS allows you to keep your contact and calendar organize and easy. Ensure to follow the steps above to effectively and easily sync this protocol to your iOS device.

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