Before, you are required to log in to your CRM software when checking your schedule or appointment for the day. Now, however, you can get alerts regarding the next meeting or conference straight to your iPhone, without the need of going into CRM software.

CalDAV iPhone

By configuring CalDAV on your iPhone, you are able to organize and arrange your events and schedules effectively and efficiently. Let’s say this protocol pushes schedules from CRM software directly to your iPhone. Through this way, you are able to view both business events and personal events directly to your iPhone calendar. Once you find that a dinner meeting overlaps with an employee meeting, you can instantly reschedule the event from your iPhone based on priorities. You do not need to log into your CRM software just to change or edit the schedule and time of the event.

CalDAV for Many iPhone Devices

CalDAV can be configured on various kinds of iPhone models as well as iOS devices like MacBook, iPad, and many others. For Apple Watch, there’s no separate arrangement involved. Pairing your watch with iOS gadget would be enough to acquire the alerts on your apple watch.

The schedules will be synced between CRM software and the devices in which the configuration of CalDAV has been allowed. Therefore, if you’re driving and can’t check your iPhone, worry no more as you just tilt your wrist to see your schedule for the day.

Work offline

The most important thing is that you are also able to edit or make events on your iPhone even if there is no internet or if you’re online. If the internet returns, your schedules are synched automatically in the CRM you are using.

To begin utilizing calendar syncing via CalDAV in your iPhone, you should allow CalDAV access in CRM that you are using and configure CalDAV on your iPhone.

CalDAV iPhone Configuration

Currently, this CalDAV calendar syncing is matched only with iPhone and other iOS devices like Apple Watch, iPod Touch, and even MacBook. Keep in mind that the configuration of CalDAV needs to be enabled on the iPhone.

caldav iphone

For Apple Watch, it is vital to be paired with your iPhone for the syncing of the caldav calendar. You can receive schedule notifications or events and not edit or create events. The process of configuring CalDAV protocol is similar to any iOS devices. The steps for iPhone configuration is here below:

Steps for CalDAV iPhone configuration:

  1. On your iPhone device Click Settings
  2. Under Settings, choose Passwords & Accounts
  3. Then in the account section, click Add Account
  4. Click Other
  5. Under Calendars page, you need to click Add CalDAV Account
    1. In the CalDAV configuration section, you have to key in these following values.
    2. Domain: Put the server you are using
    3. Username: Key in your email add
    4. Password: Key in your password
    5.   Description: Application Name of your choice
  6. Last but not least, the configuration of CalDAV will be confirmed and authenticated as well as enabled on your iPhone device.


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