Javascript or JS for short is an interpreted, lightweight as well as just-in-time compiled programming language that has unmatched functions. CalDav Javascript projects utilize this to create flexible server integrations.

It is renowned as the website pages scripting language a lot of client side settings also make use of this programming language. Javascript is a multi-paradigm language which supports object-oriented styles.

This programming language can now be sync to CalDAV server. This allows you to configure different data like calendars, reminders, schedules, task, and a whole lot more.

CalDAV Javascript Server Features

  • Month and week view
  • Delegated calendars
  • To-do support
  • User interaction
  • Drag and drop
  • Drag ics data into Firefox/chrome
  • Convert schedule or event from to-do and vice versa
  • Move schedule/to-do to a diverse calendar
  • Move schedule to the date you desire
  • Move schedule to a time you want
    Year and month selector between event view and calendar list
  • Navigate via month and year you can flit around over month and year at the upper portion of the page
  • Click twice calendar name to delete or edit calendar properties like color, name, description and many others

CalDAV Javascript integration also allows you to write, read as well as modify events and schedule.

You can also read, write as well as modify to-do and calendar collection properties. You can create and remove calendar collection, on-demand loading of schedules.

CalDAV is a protocol for calendar program to sync and interoperate events and schedules. It is a relatively big as well as complex protocol. On the other hand, supporting this protocol provides many benefits in due course.

It opens up Javascript to support a lot of calendaring features that aren’t accessible in the past. This also allows synchronizing calendar information in its original style without affecting the translation.

Many other programs don’t have standards for synchronization and interoperability. Each time you go from one service or app to another, you are likely to lose some vital information because of the structures of the files aren’t compatible. This is not the case with CalDAV, with this protocol along with iCalendar standards, if there’s a need for you to transfer Javascript calendar exclusively. All your files will be transferred in its original and exact form.

CalDAV Javascript Server Projects

Here we cover a few open source projects that leverage the CalDAV protocol to enable calendar servers. Since Node.js is the primary javascript server framework, many of these fall under the node.js caldav server categorization.

CalDAV javascript server

Node.js DAV

WebDAV, CardDAV, and CalDAV server built with Node Js. The api design allows developers to manipulate nearly every action in a DAV server  and aspect like accounts, calendars, contacts, and more.

ScrapeGoat CalDAV Server Object Requester

This library requests calendar objects and calendar events provided by any CalDAV server. This is more of a hack that scrapes existing calendars than existing as a sole CalDAV server.

CalDAV JS Server

DAVclient.js WebDAV Server

This is the client built by Owncloud which allows you to spin up your own webDAV server in javascript. This framework has gone 9+ months without an update, so either it is code complete, or the support has not been kept up.


Advantages of CalDAV Javascript Projects

Due to the open standard feature of CalDAV, Javascript can utilize a similar ability to synchronize with other compatible domains and servers. You can look forward to seeing assistance for iCloud in the near future.
Last but not least, having the assistance for synchronizing with other services over this protocol, Javascript is also close to being a server of CalDAV itself.

So, it means that you are able to synchronize any app that is compatible with any types of platform like Mac, Linux, Windows, etc not only Javascript. If you are accustomed to your preferred calendar application on your Javascript, you can keep on utilizing that and get the best of it.

Conclusion : What are the next steps for your CalDAV JS Projects

CalDAV Javascript integration will make your scheduling events easier and stress-free. The syncing or integration can be done in just a few minutes.