A CalDAV PHP protocol is designed to store your calendar resources with the help of a remote shared server. The maintenance of the shared remote calendars, with the use of this protocol, is supported by a plethora of calendar clients such as Mulberry, Evolution, Mozilla Calendar, Apple’s iCal, and more.

In the CalDAV PHP, you can run different bookable calendar resources using your Zimbra email system. To book for your website events, you can create a custom Drupal module that you can link into the Drupal node save process. Then, you can put your event information on the correct calendar.

caldav php

Meanwhile, you can include a library and then, create the CalDAV class’ object. After that, you can easily connect to the CalDAV Calendar and acquire details about your calendar. The CalDAV library has the necessary functions that can help you get particular events from your calendar and put new events. This library can also provide additional functions to modify and interact with your calendar from the PHP script. It is an effective foundation to build more calendar interactions in your CalDAV PHP script.

CalDAV PHP Libraries

You can use the following information to create your CalDAV library:

Since 2014, DaviCal as CalDAV server has transitioned to become a community support model. You do not need to write a code since there are plenty of small tasks that you can do. This server supports the basic delegation of the read/write access. It is known to be committed to the inter-operation through the widest CalDAV client software. It utilizes ab SQL database to store any event data.

If you are interested in using the DaViCal server, you can install it by:

  • Using a web server that runs CalDAV PHP version 5
  • Using PostgreSQL database server

Furthermore, you make use of Debian GNU/Linux as well as different versions of Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, FreeBSD, and Linux. You can use Windows unless you are hobbled by various internal IT policies. For instruction on downloading and detailed instructions for installing DaViCal, you can look on the DaViCal Installation Page.

Hands-free Scheduling of Meeting with CalDAV PHP Integrations

Do you want to schedule your meetings, hands-free? With the help of CalDAV PHP, you can set your calendar by default within your Apple Calendars preferences. That way, you can add a new appointment or e event entry in your Calendar. You can also use Siri for creating your appointment, and this appointment can be added to your Calendar automatically.

CalDAV PHP Scripts for Easy Checking of Travel Time

As you create your appointment using CalDAV PHP along with an app, it becomes easier for you to set the location as well as level up the functionality of the Notification Center. That is to check and determine Debian travel time of your next appointment. It will also help you view how many minutes it takes to arrive at your destination.

With calendar integration, there is no way for you not to have a well-organized schedule. Take advantage of CalDAV PHP to improve your overall experience.