Do you ever wonder why you are being asked for CardDAV account password? You may notice that when you are trying to add a calendar or contact information, you are asked to enter your password for the CardDAV. This kind of situation is linked to one or more existing contacts through a CardDAV server.

CardDAV Account Password

With CardDAV, it is possible for you to save your contact data on a particular server. That way, you can easily subscribe to that service and obtain a similar data on different devices. The standard for sharing your contact data includes Yahoo!, webDAV iCloud, and other services.

In case an error appeared, you can examine the Contacts or the Address Book. Then look in the “Preferences” option to see what accounts are being set up. If you have a flaky Internet connection or you are using an unreliable service, you can experience the error dialog.

You can also find a particular a setting for contact which you may not notice. Once you re-organized your contact settings, you can start editing your contacts once again.

For example, you are using iHObe, and your password for your Contacts CardDAC has changed the time that you went on the Google Security, so your job is to reset your CardDAV account password to your original Google password.

Although your regular Google email responds to the original, personal password, your Contacts CardDAV continues to ask you to correct your password.

CardDAV Account Password ReVerification

To solve the issue, you will need to re-verify your access through the web by following the instructions below:

  1. Open your Gmail from a browser
  2. Sign in only the account that you are trying to add
  3. Make sure that you have signed out all the other accounts
  4. Go to and then, click the “Continue” option
  5. Open the settings of your mobile device
  6. Scroll down to the account section
  7. Click on the “Add Account” button
  8. Select the “Google” option
  9. Click on the “Existing” option
  10. Choose the “Sign in” button

In case you have two-step, verification enabled on the account, this requires you to generate the application-specific password intended for your account. To make this happen, you can simply go here, and then click the “Settings” button.

Next is for you to go to the App passwords. From there, you need to generate your password that you can use for your phone.

carddav account password

If you find that not helping, you may need to enable the Access for the less secure app, which you can found exactly on the Security page of the Google account.

How to Add CardDAV Account Password and More

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon
  2. Click on the “Accounts & Passwords” tab
  3. Select the “Add Account” button
  4. Choose the “Other” option
  5. Under the “Contacts” option, click on the “Add CardDAV Account” button
  6. Enter your CardDAV account details in the sections for “Server,” “Username,” “Password,” and “Description”
  7. Click on the “Next” button

After following the instructions, your device will verify all the credentials and then, save your new account.


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