Have you already experienced some authentication errors while you are logging into your CardDAV account in your iOS or Android device? Do you feel it distressing whenever you see a CardDAV account verification failed in your home screen?

CardDAV Account Verification Failed

When you experience a CardDAV account verification failed issue, you can resolve the issue by following the steps below:

  1. Re-enter your password
  2. Click on the “Done” button
  3. If the blue checkmarks appear, it means that your account is recognized
  4. If this step does not resolve the issue, you can remove your CardDAV account and re-add it.
  5. If still does not work, you can go to SpinOffice CRM to reset your password
  6. Under the “Extra” option, click on the “Change password” button
  7. Re-enter your new password

If it does not work, you can try removing your CardDAV account and re-add it

If you are using a Google Calendar and you want to sync it using your iPhone, one of the best ways you can do is to set up your CardDAV account. However, they may times that you may encounter a CardDAV account verification failed issue.

Below are the steps you can try in case an error keeps in appearing every time you are trying to verify your CardDAV account:

  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/ to sign in to your Google account
  2. In the “Sign-in & Security” section, you need to select the “Sign in to Google” option
  3. Choose the “App Passwords” button
  4. Scroll down to click the app and the device options
  5. Simply follow the given instruction in the pop-up for entering your verification code and your password for your Google account in your phone

Each time you experience a CardDAV account verification failed issue, and this may be related to the two-factor authentication. So, it is necessary for you to log into your Google Account and then generate the app-specific password, which you will use on your iPhone and other devices.

One of the reasons why you failed to verify your CardDAV account is because Google has made some changes. Google may include some limitations when using CardDAV. This search engine prefers two ways for accessing your Contacts service via an iOS device, including Google’s iOS Calendar & Contact app and built-in iOS Contact app via Google account.carddav account verification failed


Resolve CardDAV Account Verification Failed on iOS

With the following steps, you can easily sync yourhttps://google.com/contacts with the help of your Contacts app on your iOS device.

  1. Open the “Settings” option on your device
  2. Select the “Mails, Contacts, Calendars” option
  3. Click on the “Add Account” button
  4. Click on the “Google” button
  5. Enter your email address and click on the “Next” button
  6. Enter your password and click on the “Next” button
  7. Emails, Contacts, and Calendar events will then sync directly with your Google account
  8. To sync only your contacts, turn of the other services
  9. Open the Contacts app on your device and see your Google Contacts

With the above easy steps, it becomes easy for you to solve the CardDAV account verification failed error.