CardDAV Sync Free Beta
CardDAV Sync, a CardDAV client, can synchronize contacts in your Android device. Furthermore, you can now download the CardDAV Sync free beta app for Android. The said app can offer you with a lot of amazing features. The app comes in an English language and can be download with your device to experience its latest features. This app is supported by WebMail Cloud.
Do you wish to download the CardDAV Sync free beta in your Android device? Then, this article is for you. The following are the steps to set up the app on your device.
Setting Up CardDAV Sync Free Beta in your Android
In setting up CardDAV, you can receive a warning if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your domain. You can accept the warning to continue adding your CardDAV account. Then, follow this procedure:
CardDAV Sync free beta installation. Install the application on your Android device. You can see details about the app at
Choose to Create new account.
Enter the following details:
Server name or URL:
Choose Use SSL
Choose Next.
Type your Account Name.
Uncheck the box of Sync from server to phone only.
Now that you have learned about the steps on setting up CardDAV Sync free beta in your Android, you must perform the following procedure for automatic synchronization interval.
Automatic Synchronization Interval Setup
Tap Go to accounts & sync.
Choose an account where you wish to set up the synchronization interval and select Edit account settings.
Select Sync Interval, choose any from 30 minutes up to 4 weeks interval.
How CardDAV Sync Free Beta Works?
With CardDAV Sync free beta, you can now synchronize contacts and calendars with your hostel email account. CardDAV offers contact data synchronization across various devices. It uses the iCalendar format of Apple and it is highly compatible with Gmail, Android, iOS 5+, Mac OS X, Thunderbird as well as Outlook. The app can offer you features like importing and exporting of vCards and contact data synchronization including group and individual contacts.
Things to consider in CardDAV Sync Free Beta Setup for Android
In adding a contact to your Android, WebMail Cloud supports field and field lengths. With this, you must not exceed in the supported field length. Thus, WebMail Cloud doesn’t synchronize if your character limit goes beyond 250 characters. To guide you with this, consider the following tips:
Surname must be 50 characters. If this limit was exceeded, the Given Name information could be lost.
Given Name should be 50 characters
Phone must be 50 characters
Email is 50 characters
Lastly, the Address must be 50 characters
By simply following the tips mentioned above, you can now set up and enjoy the features of CardDAV Sync free beta in your Android device.
Alternative Hostnames
Meanwhile, you can also use the URL domain name or alternative hostname for CardDAV configuration. Some alternative hostnames include:
Cluster A alternative hostname:
Cluster B alternative hostname: