Thunderbird is not natively supported by CardDAV, so you must download it first and install SOGo Connector plugin from SOGo Connector for a CardDAV Thunderbird extension.

Setting Up CardDAV Thunderbird

Make a new remote address book. After installing the plugin, refresh Thunderbird and open an address book. Then, select File/ New/ Remote Address Book.

Pick a name and type the contact folder location:
http://localhost:1080/users/[email protected]/contacts

Change the [email protected] with your actual user email address.

Choose OK and launch synchronization in the Synchronize option. Enter your credentials, log in is Active Directory account name, domain or account, and email address.

Google contacts Synchronization with CardDAV Thunderbird

If you wish to sync your Google contacts with CardDAV Thunderbird, you must have a Google account, SOGo Connector Thunderbird extension as well as the latest Thunderbird email client latest version. Firstly, you must install the extension in Thunderbird in your local system.
Then, choose Tools > Add-ons in the menu. Tap small settings to search under Extensions and choose Install add-on from file tab. Choose the downloaded extension and continue the installation process.

caldav thunderbird

Open the address book through Tools> Address Book. You can also prefer the Ctrl-Shift-B shortcut. Next, tap File>New>Remote Address Book and add these values on the form:

Name: A custom name that can identify your new remote address book and Google Contacts
URL:[email protected]/lists/default/. If you wish, you can check the Read-Only box. Then, choose OK to save. Right-click the latest created address book and chose Synchronize on the context menu.

You will be asked to enter your username and password. You must remember to make application-specific password in using a 2-factor authentication in your Gmail account.

Calendar and Address Book Synchronization with CardDAV Thunderbird

SOGo Connector Download and Installation

If you want to synchronize calendar and address book with CardDAV, you can download the SOGo connector in the SOGo website:

Launch Thunderbird and choose Tools > Add-ons. Next, choose gear icon and tap Install Add-on from File. Next, choose downloaded SOGo Connector xpi file for installation and restart the Thunderbird.

CardDAV ThunderBird configuration

In using the SOGo address book, you must have the SOGo Address Book link.

  • With this, you must log in to SOGo and tap Address Book.
  • Next, pick the address book you wish to sync and choose among 3 vertical dots and select Link to this Address Book.
  • Then, you can copy the CardDAV URL.
  • You must note that some SOGo releases still utilize as its server address in the URL of CardDAV, so you must change it into a real server address like https://<your_server_name_or_ip>/SOGo.

You can now launch Thunderbird:

  1. Open Address Book
  2. Then, choose File> New> Remote Address Book
  3. You must also configure the properties of the Address Book:
  4. Name: SOGo Address Book name (your option)
  5. URL : insert the link from SOGo like: https://<host>SOGo/dav/userName>/Contacts/personal/
  6. Check the Periodic sync

With CardDAV Thunderbird, you can have a secure, more stable, and user-friendly interface for the app. You can also efficient calendar and address book synchronization. The app is now supported by Gmail for more usability.