Do you want an answer to your question: Does Dropbox use WebDAV  ? Then, this article will give you an answer. There is no official support offered among WebDAV users from Dropbox. However, you can still connect WebDAV into Dropbox. So, the answer is basically, Yes. Dropbox uses WebDAV.

Does Dropbox Use WebDAV ?

The integration of Dropbox WebDAV lets you utilize a WebDAV server in sending files on the endpoints of Dropbox API. It is a fact that Dropbox is among the most popular file hosting services in the world for more than 10 years.

On the other hand, WebDAV as a protocol enables you in managing and editing files in a remote web server. The best about it is that you can integrate these two platforms.

Does Dropbox use WebDAV ? Making it Work

With WebDAV, you can move files from and to Dropbox accounts. You can use 3rd party WebDAV gateway servers for WebDAV and Dropbox integrations:

  1. You need to connect on a gateway server
  2. Then, you can upload the file on the gateway server
  3. The server of WebDAV can save the file temporarily, and then you can upload it to Dropbox through Dropbox API
  4. Lastly, the temporary file will be deleted by the gateway server

How to sync WebDAV to Dropbox?

If you want to sync WebDAV to Dropbox, you must have a DropDAV bridge connection. First, you must have a DropDAV service registration. Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Begin the synchronization wizard to sync 2 cloud accounts
  2. Choose WebDAV icon
  3. Type your WebDAV URL, username, and password. Then, choose “Add WebDAV” to create a new account for WebDAV
  4. Choose on what you want to sync and tap “Next”
  5. Select an existing WebDAV folder or choose “Create Folder” to make new and choose ‘Select’
  6. Choose the Dropbox icon
  7. Click the already-configured account, or you can add new Dropbox account
  8. Choose what you want to sync and tap “Next”
  9. Pick the Dropbox folder you want to sync or tap “Create folder” for a new one
  10. You can now select your options, and the automatic synchronization will begin
  11. The status of the synchronization will display after the initial synchronization
  12. You can get an email confirmation about the success of the initial synchronization
  13. A simple way for Dropbox use with WebDAV
  14. If you want to have an easy and quick way in using Dropbox with WebDAV, you can follow these tips:
  15. Sign in at
  16. It will tell you to connect to your Dropbox account
  17. After connecting to your Dropbox account, you can utilize your DropDAV credential in device connection to access your files

Benefits of Dropbox WebDAV

does dropbox use webdav

Upon using Dropbox with WebDAV, you can experience the following features:

Simple and quick WebDAV plug-in

It is easy to use and doesn’t need external software for its operation. It supports WebDAV access for HTTPS or HTTP protocols.

Task scheduling

You can schedule a backup task or WebDAV Dropbox sync in a specific time.


Using Dropbox with WebDAV can offer you with great security for your file management system.
Dropbox with WebDAV can help you send files on Dropbox API.

So, does dropbox use webdav ? Not natively, but we’ve shown you various ways to hack your way to success.