Gentoo, a free operating system is based on FreeBSD or Linux which can be customized for an application. Creating Gentoo WebDAV integrations enable open source file sharing with high security and maximum flexibility. With the support of more innovative technology, you can now make Gentoo a secure server, embedded solution, gaming system, development workstation, and more. More importantly, you can now use Gentoo with WebDAV.

How will Gentoo WebDAV benefit you?

WebDAV on Gentoo comes with a lot of features, including the following:

  • Encryption of user files
  • File storage in conventional directory structures
  • Synchronization on running Mac OS, Windows or Linux
  • Calendar or CalDAV
  • Address book or CardDAV
  • Task scheduling
  • URL shortening
  • Online text editor with code folding and syntax highlighting
  • Bookmarking and more
  • High security

Gentoo WebDAV can offer you with high security upon its use. So, you don’t have worries when it comes to managing your file system. You can now access spreadsheets, data charting, presentations, word processing, as well as file conversion facilities.

Gentoo WebDAV benefits

You can now mount WebDAV directly to your file system. A technology known as Portage can make Gentoo an efficient and more secure WebDAV server. You can make it as a professional desktop, gaming system, and file management system.

Gentoo is not just a software. Gentoo also provides the users with features like release engineering, infrastructure, documentation, quality assurance, software porting, hardening, security follow up and more.

Troubleshooting Gentoo WebDAV Issues

If you are unable to mount, you can get

$ mount WebDAV-dir
sbin/mount.davfs: You can’t mount into another user’s home director
“/” is the home directory of nobody.
As you try to mount as an ordinary user, you can rely on this error message.
# usermod –home/ nonexistent nobody
#usermod—home / dev/ null nobody

gentoo webdav
User-based mounting on Gentoo WebDAV

If you wish to mount the Gentoo WebDAV, you can follow this step:
Copy /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf into ~/. davfs2/, create the secrets
file touch ~/davfs2/secrets (for security) or copy it from /etc/davfs2/
(as root), and chmod 600 ~/. davfs2/secrets.

Lastly, you must enable the user to mount the directory by adding a new entry on the fstab.

File: /etc/fstab
http:// /mnt/dav davfs noauto, rw, users 0 0

Meanwhile, if you want to have web content access with Gentoo, you can use the following options:

Dropbox – it is a cloud service and closed source file synchronization utility that is designed for closed and open-source software.
Webapp-config – it is Gentoo’s installed for web-based applications
SparkleShare – a free, cross-platform and open-source, git-based collaboration, Dropbox-like, and file sharing tool

Integrating Gentoo with WebDAV can offer you with great benefits such as photo gallery, video viewer, Mozilla sync, Firefox sync hosting wherein Mozilla Firefox users can store form data, history, bookmarks and more in the server. It also features a portable document format viewer and content sharing across public URLs and groups.

Gentoo is also customizable in just a single click application install. It comes with external storages like Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon S3, which can be mounted to WebDAV Gentoo installation. It also has group and user administration through lightweight directory access protocol.