iCloud, a cloud computing service and cloud storage from Apple Inc can now integrate to the icloud WebDAV server address. You can synchronize different data such as reminders, calendars, tasks and more with the app. If you wish to sync iCloud to WebDAV server address, you can follow these steps:

Syncing iCloud WebDAV Server Address

If you want to set up sync WebDAV on iCloud, you can follow this guide:

  • URL – it is the URL of the folder on the web wherein the Enpass data will be stored.
  • In the case of iCloud, the folder URL will be in this format:
  • https://<your-icloud-host-domain>/remote.php/webdav/
  • Username – you need a username to access the folder
  • Password – your password created and used for your username.

iCloud WebDAV Server Login

If your iCloud account ends in @icloud.com, you can follow:

  • Select “Login with the email address”
  • Email address: your iCloud account like [email protected]
  • Password: app-specific password
  • If your iCloud account doesn’t end with @icloud.com:
  • Select ‘Login with URL’
  • Base URL: https://icloud.com
  • Username: your iCloud account like [email protected]
  • Password: app-specific password

Benefits of Knowing Your iCloud WebDAV Server Address

With iCloud, you can access its different features the following:

iWork documents
Play movies
Play music
Office documents
Advanced PDF reader
Open webloc, Webarchive, or url file.
Text and photos
With iCloud, you can edit photos using an efficient photo editor. You can copy, paste, resize, enhance, filter, text, stickers, and more.
Text editing
iCloud WebDAV server address also allows you to edit text including its alignment, size, font, style, color and more.

It also enables you to create zip archives, folders, voice recording, create a file from pasteboard, new images (png, jpg) and rich text documents saved as Rich Text or PDF, or Text.

Document management

iCloud WebDAV also helps you to manage your documents in a more customized manner. It allows you to manage your folders and others such as delete, zip, copy, print, to move, rename, or duplicate your documents. You can also edit and perform the editing in different documents.


With iCloud, you can share through WebDAV server address and Web Server. You can share through social media apps, attach to email, send to the app, message or share iCloud Drive weblink.

Export or Import

With iCloud, you can export or import from various cloud services such as Dropbox, iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Box, Camera, Google Drive, Photo Library, share photos on Instagram and another app that can support your document’s interface. Through importing, you can make a copy of your document and store it on your device.


icloud webdav server address

You can also access different settings including passcode lock with Touch ID support, show file extensions, check out Setting App for Cloud Opener Settings, show external files, open in-store in iCloud and Swap long-press action.


You can also unzip zip archive to a new folder and zip different documents into a single archive and send it anywhere.
iCloud WebDAV server address can provide you unlimited access to more customized features you can use for your specific needs. It gives a web-based desktop for easy storage.


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