Kodi WebDAV integrations Allow you to share files quickly and easily from Devices To your home theater server.

Cody is a very popular open source home theater platform. It enables consumers to create their own home entertainment systemsUsing their own home server.

WebDAV is a file transfer protocol that unable’s anyone to securely transfer and manage files between cloud enabled devices.

This means that you canSend files from your iPad or iPhone To your home theater system seamlessly.

Kodi runs on a large range of devices and operating systems just like webDAV.

There is a large community of Kodi enthusiasts who also have integrated web dev devices to their home servers.

Although there have been issues overtime with web dev integrations The Kodi community has provided insights into how to fix and troubleshoot any kind of integration issues.

Kodi WebDAV

Kodi WebDAV

How to sync files to your Kodi via WebDAV


Issues with Kodi WebDAV Loading on HTTPS Servers

The XBMC server that facilititates WebDAV transfer of files to Kodi has some errors, so if you run into something similar, the community at XBMC should be able to help more on their github page.

Here’s a screenshot of the Kodi WebDAV issue

Kodi WebDAV https Issue