WebDAV is a prevalent protocol for internet storage. Mount WebDAV file systems so you can connect and utilize your remote file server as if it were the local filesystem. Today, a lot of cloud-based partnership services make use of this protocol to allow collaborative features. Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning or WebDAV for short was made by the IETF or Internet Engineering Task Force in the year 2007. 

The WebDAV has lots of benefits compared to FTP as well as other data transfer protocols. One remarkable perk is the addition of properties like modification time of a file in metadata. This eases the locking feature of WebDAV, sometimes called as DAV locking. 

Mount WebDAV: What are the benefits you can get? 

Like the conventional FTP clients, Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning link users to a web domain or server. This allows them to download and at the same time, upload data. Mounting WebDAV can also help users to delete, edit as well as collaborate on documents on a WebDAV domain. 

 WebDAV is very helpful and advantageous in a business setting, specifically with communal Sharepoint servers as well as other corporate servers that are based on WebDAV. This is simply because it enables for a flawless transition from single to collaborative work- many users are also allowed to edit similar document remotely and without the stress of overwriting one another. 

Mount Webdav

Today, there are a number of cloud services that have a proprietary protocol which extension to Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning. Therefore, the products like this standard support WebDAV and the particular cloud services which make use of a proprietary protocol. This allows you to access cloud and corporate servers in one interface. And simply because WebDrive charts a network drive letter, as a user you are able to access the services right at the comfort of Mac Finder Files or Windows Explorer. Also, documents are accessible in the apps which the user depends on a daily basis. 

How to Mount WebDAV 

Now that you are already familiar with WebDAV along with its benefits, perhaps it is now the right time to know how to mount WebDAV. Here, the steps in mounting WebDAV. Check this out!

  1. To link with WebDAV server, open ExpanDrive window and then tap ADD
  2. Tap WebDAV. After clicking the WebDAV button, a configuration screen will appear

Configure the fields by following to Mount WebDAV:

  • Server: Key in the full UR of WebDAV server which is https://yourserver.com/dav
  • Username: Enter username which you utilize in linking to the server
  • Password: Place password which you utilize to link to the server
  • Nickname: Optional nickname which you give to recognize the server
  • Remote Path: Optional remote path which you specify, if you would want to map to a particular directory on FTP.
  1. Tap the Save button
  2. Tap the Connect button.

Your WebDAV integration is successful.

Conclusion on Mounting WebDAV

As you see, if you want to make your life easier, you need to mount WebDAV on your OS or Windows devices. This is easy to do. All you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned above.