The OneDrive can help you to ensure that you have the proper management of your files. Not only that, you can easily secure that you will have the back up of your important documents. Having the OneDrive WebDAV URL handy can make sure that you can connect easy while having the privacy and private cloud storage that OneDrive enables.

15 Steps to Install the OneDrive WebDAV URL

  1. Visit the One Drive Developer center and Create New App
  2. In order for you to have a back up in your Account Drive.
  3. Go to the website of the developer center.
  4. Click the app button.
  5. Type the file name of your files so that you can easily find the needed files
  6. Then you need to click enter.
  7. You can now click the Create Application tab
  8. Make sure that while you have the registration for applying in one drive, you need to go to its link.
  9. Set Redirect Application
  10. Open the folder which contains my application.
  11. You need to copy the properties and application secrets presented. Then, you create a new folder on your one drive to ensure you that there is back up into your files in case you format your phone or laptop accidentally.
  12. Rename the folder as “Backup”
  13. If the question is pop up saying let this app access your info click the yes button.
  14. You are done with the registration, and you create the folder for your back up
  15. Save the changes in your settings, and you can use the shortcut Control +S in your computer while click the save tab to your cellphone.

Benefits of Using OneDrive WebDAV URL

Free Storage. The storage of OneDrive contains about 15 GB. If ever you are the user who is graduating and have thesis papers, you can use these to ensure that your files will not be corrupt easily.

onedrive webdav urlYou can also avail its extra storage for your important files. The bigger the storage, the higher the chance to upload more files of your thesis content.

Easy Organization

You can organize your files according to its file names or size so that you will be stress-free in your compilation of files. It will be easy for you to find your files into the OneDrive without the hassle and in a short period of time manually or by typing the file name into the search box and clicking the exact files that you need. It can be grouped into categories such as documents, music, videos or photos.

Close Collaboration to the Microsoft Apps

It only means it works well with apps such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. If you already downloaded the files and seen some errors; you can edit it in your drive easily.

The OneDrive WebDAV URL is the best choice that you can have to make sure that you will have an automatic backup and can easily search your files. It will also be beneficial to keep all of your files and easily share the files with your classmates, friends, or co-workers and you can also submit your files via email.