CalDAV or Calendaring Extensions for WebDAV is an online standard which allows you to open and access scheduling file or info on a remoter domain/server. Outlook CalDAV Mac integrations broadens WebDAV specs and utilizes the format of iCal for the data. Access protocol is classified by RFC 4791. It enables much client access to similar information.

As a result, it allows the sharing of information and cooperative planning. A lot of servers, as well as client apps, support this protocol.

Outlook CalDAV Mac

Integrating protocol to Outlook for Mac offers a lot of advantages. But, prior to knowing the benefits it provides, it is worth understanding the steps of syncing CalDAV to Outlook for Mac. If you are ready, then keep on reading.

Is it Possible to Sync CalDAV to Outlook for Mac?

At present, Outlook for Mac does not support this protocol. This only shows that Outlook for Mac cannot be synchronized your contacts or iCloud Calendar once you put in your iCloud email account.

On the other hand, it’s possible to sync an iCal with Mac Outlook. But, first, you need to subscribe to iCloud calendar to Outlook Web Access, and after subscribing, this will instantly synchronize with Outlook for Mac.

Outlook CalDAV Mac Integration in 11 Steps

  1. Log in to your iCloud account in your chosen browser.
  2. In the iCloud section, tap the Calendar button.
  3. Tap the Share Calendar, and beside the calendar, you have to configure in Outlook. You need to ensure that you enabled Public Calendar.
  4. Reminder: When you enabled Public Calendar, make sure that the URL or Uniform Resource Locator of the calendar is visible.
  5. Tap Copy Link.
  6. In another browser home page, log in to Outlook Web Access.
  7. Under navigation pane, click Calendar.
  8. On the toolbar, pick Add Calendar and then tap From Internet.
  9. In the dialog box of the Calendar subscription, paste the URL or the link which copied. Also, you need to key in a distinctive and matchless name for the calendar and then tap the Save button.
  10. You must see the iCal listed under Other Calendars in Outlook Web Access.
  11. In case you have a similar account which is added on Outlook for Mac, the subscribed calendar will come into view in the calendar of Outlook for Mac.


It might take you a couple of minutes for iCal calendar in Outlook Web Access synchronize with Outlook for Mac. On the other hand, always keep in mind that you might need to reboot Outlook for Mac so as to appear the calendar which has been synced.

outlook caldav mac

The account you used in signing in at the Outlook Web Access must be added to the Mac Outlook. You can use this account at school or work on Exchange or Office 365 or any Outlook account.

Outlook CalDAV Mac Conclusion

As you see, there is a way to sync Outlook CalDAV mac files. All you have to do is to follow the steps mentioned above. This will allows you to make the most of your outlook for Mac and CalDAV as well. This provides you a lot of benefits in scheduling, moving as well as deleting events.