One of the most important features that a server must offer is the ability to access your calendar and reminders through your device. If your primary client is iPhone, it is best for you to seek for a PHP CalDAV server that will work with your iPhone.

Php CalDAV Server Options

Radicale PHP CalDAV Server

If you are undecided which PHP CalDAV server you can utilize, you might like to take advantage of Radicale. This option supports the pycardDAV client and is written in Python. This server is easy to configure and use, which does not require any complicated database back ends.

Other than Radicale, you can also go to other PHP CalDAV servers, such as:

DAViCal Server w/ PHP

This server offers a great support to many CalDAV clients. The project supports a number of fancy features and focuses on implementing CalDAV. Then, it requires both PHP and PostgreSQL as a language.

Baikal – Lightweight PHP CalDAV Implementation

One of the best things about Baikal is that is very lightweight, which only requires 2MB codebase. It comes with a slick web-based configuration and requires MySQL and PHP.

ownCloud – Cloud Storage options for PHP Servers in WebDav

This PHP WebDAV server allows you to set up your own cloud files and is complete with CalDAV, CardDAV, WebDAV, PDF viewing, online videos, music sharing, and more. It delivers very smooth web services and interfaces.



sabredav php caldav server

This single server called SaberDAV offers CalDAV, CardDAV, and WebDAV protocols and is known to have plugin architecture for more advanced features. This server requires PHP and offer a web-based administration page.

How to Access CalDAV Server Using PHP

Since there are several client packages intended for PHP, try to choose the one which you think will work best for your needs. In this example, we will be using SabreDAV. This framework is easy to work on and implement. To install sabre/dav, you need to download the composer and run.

Once you download the composer, the next thing you need to perform is to write PHP. To start, you have to import the framework into your script using the PHP code below:

include “vendor/autoload.php”
Since the composer will handle everything, you only need to do is to include its autoloader. Then, you have to add your PHP CalDAV server details.
For example:
include “vendor/autoload.php”
$settings = array(
“baseURi” => “”,
“username” => “yourusername”,
“password” => “yourpassword”

php caldav server
If you plan to run your password for a long-term, especially if you are encrypting your password, it is best for you to avoid storing your password in a plain text.

After performing the above instructions, you can then create your new Sabre client.

Accessing PHP CalDAV Server Accounts

The above guidelines will help you get started accessing your PHP CalDAV server account. Meanwhile, you can use the different CalDAV methods to access your account, such as :

$client = new Sabre\DAV\Client ($Settings) ;
// Upload file
$upload_result = $client->request(‘PUT’, ‘test-upload.txt’,
// List the contents of the folder
$folder_content = $client->propFind(‘path/to/folder’, array(

By using the above method examples, it becomes easier for you to know and understand how your client works and then, behaves.


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