Do you want to map SharePoint WebDAV Linux easily and quickly? If yes, then why not take advantage of ExpanDrive.

ExpanDrive refers to the SharePoint client that allows you to map a drive to your Linux account securely. This SharePoint client can help you integrate directly with the OS while providing a useful file system-level access to all your remote files. Meaning, you can easily browse, edit, or upload Sharepoint.

Furthermore, ExpanDRive can also perform the mapping process by securely connecting to the Graph API of Microsoft and then, translate the API into a reliable file system for Linux. The authorization will be fully handled by the Microsoft, where it can fully integrate with the SSO set up as well as the multi-factor authentication setups.

Native access to your cloud file is very important for any type of serious workflow. Good thing, Sharepoint WebDAV Linux can help with the accessibility. Apart from that, SharePoint can help you save tons of disk space as well as easy syncing of files as your network drive.

Sharepoint WebDAV Linux

With the help of a sync client, you can create a folder exactly on your machine that provides a complete copy of all your files. Since ExpanDrive also offers a comprehensive featured SharePoint uploader and browser manager, it means that you can have a smooth data management and migration. It can also help you stay connected and keep your files very accessible without the need to log into the browser.

In case you are into using Ubuntu Linux, and you wish to use the SharePoint framework, you can make use of the following steps to install and set up your web part.

18 Step Guide for Sharepoint WebDAV Linux Setup

  1. After installing Ubuntu, you need to launch the “Terminal” window
  2. Run the “sudo apt-get install -y nodejs” command
  3. Run the “sudo apt-get install -y build-essential” command
  4. Type “node” to drop the terminal into the node command
  5. Type” node -v” to output the version
  6. Install the “npm” by running “sudo apt-get install apm”
  7. Run the “sudo npm install -g yo gulp” to add the “yo” and “gulp” command
  8. Install the generator by running the “sudo npm install -g @microsoft/sharepoint” command
  9. Navigate to the location you wish to create the Sharepoint framework
  10. Use the “mkdir” to create a folder structure
  11. Navigate into the folder structure
  12. Run the “sudo yo @microsoft/sharepoint” command for generating the Sharepoint framework
  13. Follow the standard wizard for SharePoint framework
  14. Run the “gulp serve” for you to run the workbench
  15. If the browser displays a security message, add the exception at the complaint screen and allow the website to continue loading
  16. Retest the “gulp serve” if you get a timeout error
  17. You can also try running “ufw allow 4321/tcp” command
  18. If not, you can set the “NODE_NO_HTTP2” property to “1” to become part of the gulp server command that is necessary for launching the workbench

Once you follow the above steps, the workbench will then load within the Ubuntu. After that, you can start working on SharePoint WebDAV Linux.