Universal Naming Convention (UNC) refers to the standard for identifying the printers, servers, and other network resources.

Then, the Sharepoint WebDAV UNC Path utilizes double backlashes or slashes to precede the computer name.

The path, whether the disk or directories, within your computer, can be separated with the use of backlash or slash.

Little do you know that you can already access any of your files being stored in the SharePoint 2007 or 2010?

This can be as if you have a folder on your operating system.

To make this happen, you need to make it as your network drive.

Sharepoint WebDAV UNC Path

Try the following easiest steps for setting the SharePoint WebDAV UNC Path as your network drive:

  • Open the “Library” option in the Explorer

In case you are using the SharePoint 2010, you can see this option in the list ribbon. But, depending on the size of your screen, the option may appear as an icon

  • Click on the “Library” option

After clicking the Library, you can then see all your files in the regular Explorer window.

However, depending on the Explorer settings, you can also see the folder in the named forms.

Do not try touching or attempting to add new folders because you may break the library. That is because that contains the necessary files for proper rendering of the library in your browser.

  • In the explorer view, right-click on your computer to add a link
  • Select the “Add Network Location” option
  • Enter the URL of your server of the library in the Add Network Location

After that, you can successfully open and set up your library.

SharePoint WebDAV UNC Path Library Setup

Do you want to display your SharePoint WebDAV UNC Path library, but you have other sites in your network?

If yes, you can try mapping your document library as your mapped drive and here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the library you want to link
  • Choose the “Actions” option in the Windows Explorer to see the network share path intended for the URI like \\sharepoint\sites\teamsite\documents
  • Copy the link to the clipboard
  • Open the “My Computer” section
  • Choose the “Tools” option
  • Click on the “Map Network Drive” option
  • Choose the letter you like yo use
  • Paste the link you copied earlier
  • Select the other options, depending on your needs or personal preferences
  • Click on the “OK” button

SharePoint WebDAV UNC Path may ship as an updated web client service in case you are using the Windows Vista that has been already installed.

However, if you are using the Windows Server 2008, it is necessary for you to install the feature known as “Desktop Experience.”

Once you successfully installed this feature, you can then map drives to the WebDAV the same way to mapping to the UNC path.

In order for you to find the SharePoint WebDAV UNC Path library you have opened in the File Explorer with the use of URL like http://host/site/doc, right-click a folder or file in the library.

Then, you need to select the “Properties” option and choose the “General” option. After that, the “Location” field will show you the UNC path.

This should give you a good idea of how to set up SharePoint and webDAV On your Windows server.

Next Steps After setting up The Protocol on Your Cloud Server

Next up I’m going to cover the different use cases of webDAV As it relates to your private cloud infrastructure.

webDAV SharePoint integrations allow you toSeamlessly use web dev and able devices and storeYour data and files on your SharePoint server.

This is important because Webdav is needed on many legacy style devices like printers and copy machines From the past.

If you’d like more information on how to set up a WebDAV server, connect your devices to Box or DropBox, or Sharepoint,please continue to read the suggested articles below.