Synology comes with Web UI that can help you perform different tasks. Furthermore, you can now use Synology  WebDAV Url mapping to simply connect your apps and devices to Synology seamlessly. By enabling WebDAV service, you can have access to your files in different programs including Linux File Browser, Mac OS Finder, and Windows apps.

Synology WebDAV Url

WebDAV is supported by Windows. However, if your WebDAV Synology connection doesn’t work, it does mean that it has no SSL certificate. Therefore, make sure that external port is forwarded to your local Synology NAS port if you want to mount Synology. The default port for Synology is 5005 for WebDAV while 5006 is for HTTPS.

Synology WebDAV URL server configuration

Once you have forwarded the port, you can proceed to the admin page of Synology. Synology app comes with WebDAV server.

Meanwhile, in DSM 5.2, the WebDAV can be seen in Under Control Panel > File Services> WebDAV.
You now launch and install the Server UI admin.

You must check the Enable HTTP. Furthermore, you must monitor whether the port number will match to the router’s local admin page. Then, you must establish an external IP address.

Installation of NetDrive on Windows client

You can install and download the NetDrive tool to map your WebDAV share on Windows. As you do this, you must restart your PC.

Launch the NetDrive and scroll down to find the option to connect with WebDAV protocol. You can enter the Synology URL NAS as an external IP. If you have an installed certificate, you can connect to HTTPS with SSL option.

If you don’t, then type:
HTTP://<your sinology external IP>:5005/

The user will be your Synology share’s account. Then, choose Save to connect WebDAV with your Synology share.

Accessing WebDAV with your Synology NAS

You can access the files in WebDAV if you enable it with your Synology NAS.

  1. Sign in to DSM with an account that goes to the administrators’ group.
  2. Click the Package Center for the installation of WebDAV Server package.
  3. You can now launch the WebDAV server and check the Enable HTTP box. The default port for HTTP is 5005.
  4. You can customize the port number based on your needs.
  5. Select “Apply” to save the changes.

Synology WebDAV URL
Accessing Synology NAS with WebDAV

If you already enable the WebDAV on your Synology NAS, follow these instructions to access files in different devices.

For Windows Synology WebDAV URL

  1. Download and install and open NetDrive.
  2. Choose Connect option next to WebDAV.
  3. Type these details:
  4. Type: Select WebDAV in the drop-down list
  5. Name: Make a name for the connection
  6. Drive: Choose a network drive letter on the drop-down list for mapping the WebDAV service
  7. URL: Type the hostname or IP address of your Synology NAS
  8. User: Use DSM username
  9. Port: 5005
  10. Password: The DSM password
  11. Choose Save to save the changes.
  12. Select Connect.
  13. You can now view the shared folders on Synology NAS in Windows Explorer.

You can also access the Synology NAS WebDAV in Ubuntu, Linux, Mac and other programs. With this, you can edit or modify your folders easily, even on remote servers.