Looking for a full-featured, quick, secure, and free WebDAV Client – one that supports high-speed multi-part downloads and won’t muddle your desktop?

We could be of utmost help! Here, you’ll get to learn some of the best WebDAV Client you can use without breaking the bank!

What is a WebDAV Client and Its Benefits?

Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) is being utilized by several cloud-based collaboration services to implement cooperative features.

One key benefit of WebDAV versus other file transfer protocols is the property insertion (e.g., document’s modification time and author in its metadata).

As for the benefits, the list is in a bundle. WebDAV Clients connect you to a web server, so downloading and uploading numerous files won’t be too stressful.

What’s more, users are also allowed to collaborate and edit on any files on a WebDAV server.

webdav client

WebDAV Client & Relationship To Servers

People in business or those who work in the corporate world might especially find this service extremely beneficial mainly because it enables a frictionless switch to collaborative to individual work.

One or more users can be able to edit similar file tenuously without having to worry whether or not you are overwriting someone.

Many popular services make use of WebDAV, including MyDocsOnline, Synology, and SharePoint. WebDrive is another one that allows users to have access to their remote storage easily. Using WebDrive also allows you to map a network drive to your remote storage services as well as connection through WebDAV.

Best Free WebDAV Client

We’ve now come to the core of this content. Which WebDAV Clients should you invest in with your time and effort?

BitKinex WebDAV Client

bitkinex webdav client

If you want to hurry up your WebDAV-related tasks, then going to BitKinex prove to be a good decision.

Both beginners and power users can use it for dramatically speeding up your work, keeping track of all your tasks, and keeping your data strictly secured – all while reducing the amount of space occupied on your desktop.

Popular WebDAV Client: FileZilla

client webdav filezill

Most likely, the most popular multi-platform FTP Client. FileZilla provides users with adequate support of SFTP, IPv6, FTP, and FTPS.

It has a very user-friendly and easy interface. Uploading the files is possible up to four GB.

Free WebDAV Client : FireFTP

fireFTP free client for webDAV

While not the most popular like FireZilla, FireFTP promises a huge amount of opportunities and options.

Especially those with Mozilla as a default browser might find it the best solution as it integrated with Mozilla Firefox browser. It provides supports for multiple protocols.

There is also a file compression, timestamp synchronization, drag, and drop support, etc.

P.S. We have no idea why “fire” ftp’s logo is a seahorse. Strange indeed.

Secure WebDAV Client WinSCP


If using FireZilla doesn’t impress you a lot, then WinSCP is a good alternative. This open-source FTP Client for Windows provides commendable support for WebDAV, FTP, and SFTP protocols.

It has a simple interface that allows users to do basic tasks such as performing shortcut icons or drag and drop file transfer.


webdav client cyberduck

It is not your typical WebDAV Client. Cyber duck is also known as a file browser.

Available for Mac and Windows, it provides support for numerous protocols such as Google Storage, Akamai CDNs, Cloud Files, and FTP.

With Cyberduck WebDAV capabilities, you can upload, download, edit, and organize files efficiently.


Has your WebDAV Client search ended here?

If you need more references for clients on various operating systems and pricing, then we have created a comprehensive guide that covers most of the legitimate apps. In addition to those listed above, we go into details on what they do, how they operate with the servers, and other details that will help you determine the best course of action in your search.

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