Internet users can view and edit web pages using HTTP. Well, you already did this several times like other users. WebDAV cloud storage users can view and edit pages if the pages are on wiki or shared documents. But what if the pages are read-only?

Yes, a question comes to mind:

“Can I edit read-only pages?”

WebDAV Cloud Storage

Sorry but you can’t. But don’t worry because WebDAV helps you edit read-only pages. That’s not all. Online users can also use WebDAV to collaborate with the files (not through chat or talk, of course) to access web hosting services and cloud storage.
WebDAV allows you to access to Cloud Storage that’s added to your Storage Media account. Examples of these clouds are Amazon s3, OneDrive, DropBox, and more.

Here’s a surprise: Clouds still work on Storage Cloud even if the service doesn’t support WebDAV. But here’s the catch – users can’t access cloud files from an iPhone or an iPod.

You can still access cloud storage through apps that support WebDAV. Here are the following apps that allow you to use Cloud Storage on WebDAV.

  • Print n Share
  • GoodReader
  • Readdle Docs
  • Office2 HD
  • Docs

WebDAV Cloud Storage: Simple Use and Setup

WebDAV allows mounting a remote server conveniently. You can access your files and experience excellent WebDAV use with your file system.

That doesn’t end there. Did you that WebDAV lets you access multiple clouds while you open your files. Yes, users can even access the data in the WebDAV view. WebDAV supports cloud storage, so users have a fast and reliable access to the files they want to open.

You might ask: why is WebDAV useful in Cloud Storage?

The answer is simple: You can still integrate your files using WebDAV.
Most desktop and mobile platform don’t offer support for Cloud servers. But with WebDAV, you can access files even if you’re using other platforms other than WebDAV.

Here’s an example:

If you want to use iWork on an iPad, you can’t access or edit Google Docs or DropBox or other files. Why? iWork only supports WebDAV.

What’s an excellent solution for this? Of course, WebDAV on Cloud Storage. Users can also access other programs using WebDAV Cloud Storage. But, WebDAV can’t access other cloud storage implementations.

Does WebDAV Cloud Storage also work with Mac OS?

webdav cloud storage

If you’re using Mac, WebDAV Cloud Storage work on Mac. Why? Mac has a non-standard implementation that reads and blocks files in folders that make it non-performant.

Don’t feel bad if you’re using Mac OS.

Some company’s offer Mac Cloud Tools that support Mac OS when WebDAV is on Cloud Storage. Users would be glad to use a Virtual Cloud Drive that enables any user to access files using WebDAV.

Can you use WebDAV on any mobile device?

Yes, you can because other mobile devices have WebDAV into mobile devices. An example of these devices is NokiaN98.
WebDAV is essential for you to access and edit read-only pages. But, there’s more than that when you put Cloud Storage into the file access process. So, come now and give WebDAV a try on your mobile device!

WebDAV Cloud Storage 1

For those considering connecting your apps, users, or devices via WebDAV to common cloud storage providers, consider our webdav gateway service. We allow businesses and end users to seamlessly upload and download their files to cloud providers like and DropBox. There no worry about building and managing internal WebDAV servers. Our team also stays on top of Cloud Storage API updates so that you see extremely reliable connectivity at all times.

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