Have you experienced hassles in managing and editing files on a remote server? Do you wish that Windows Explorer, Linux File Browser and other platforms you’re using could access WebDAV NAS?

Say goodbye to those hassles because WebDAV is here to help you rename, drag, edit, and transfer files from one server to another. Users can use WebDAV not only to manage data but also enables Mac OS Finder and other platforms to access NAS remotely.


webdav nas

Now, you might be thinking: what is NAS?

NAS is similar to a private cloud that users can run on their computers. NAS enables users to retrieve and store data from a central location. Network users who want additional storage can add extra storage using NAS.

NAS is fast, affordable and offers great benefits users can get from a public cloud site. Hence, you can full control when it comes to data management and storage.

Now, most users (particularly newbies) ask:

How do I enable WebDAV on NAS?

It’s simple and easy! Before users access their files on WebDAV, users need to enable WebDAV on NAS. Here are the following steps to do it:

  • Users log in to DSM using an account from the admin group.
  • Go to the Package Center so that you can install the WebDAV server.
  • After the installation, users should launch the WebDAV Server and select the Enable HTTP checkbox. The HTTP port is set by default, but users can customize it depending on the user’s needs.
  • Click the Apply button and save the settings.

Now, here comes another essential part – how do you access files on NAS using WebDAV?
Follow the following instructions for you to begin accessing files on Windows and Mac:

Windows WebDAV NAS

  • You download, install, and use NetDrive.
  • Click the Connect button you see next to the WebDAV icon.
  • Now, you need to key in these information:
    • For the Type, choose WebDAV from the list.
    • You choose the network drive letter.
    • Select a Name for the connection you’re using.
    • Enter the NAS IP address.
    • Type the Port number (default number is 5005), or you can enter any port number that enables you to use NAS.
    • Enter the DSM user name.
    • Enter the DSM password
  • Click the Save button so that you can save the settings.
  • Then, you click connect.
  • From here, you would see the shared folders on NAS in Windows Explorer. Network users can also see the shared folders on the napped driver.


  1. You click Go and then Connect to Server.
  2. Next, enter the NAS device IP address or the domain name.
  3. Click the connect button for you to continue.
  4. Then, you enter the DS user name and password in the Password and Name fields. Then, you click Connect in order to proceed.

Now, you can see the shared folders on NAS in the Finder. Also, check the folders under Shared because you would also see webDAV Synology NAS there.

That’s it! Follow the steps above, and you’re ready to use WebDAV NAS at home or in the office. Let WebDAV give you the comfort of managing your files!

Photo Cred: Panos Sakalakis