Contacts? Calendars? Tasks? We will have them in sync from your server to your Android. One by one, we will take about CalDAV Android integrations and one by one you will grow to love this application.

What if it supports a variety of fields? Well, what if no more.

In Sync with CalDAV Android!

In CalDAV, no single thing about an event in your calendar will be overlooked. Location, guests, time to start and end, duration, status, attendees, description, and more reminders- you’d be sure these are all in sync. You can send invitations and process events in all time zones.

Do you want that control? We will give you that control!

CalDAV android keys open a myriad of possibilities in working in this digital world. Populated setting or whether it be a couple of situation- we bestow the control on you.

If your company employed thousands of human resources, then this is for you. The contacts of your employees will be up-to-date all the time. They can be changing their numbers, but with CalDAV, you are sure that their contact will be in synch.

Caldav Android

If you want to have a shared day out with your significant other, then this is for you. You are at your office, and your partner is also on hers. You wanted a day out, so you schedule a day with her, and voila, you will have her notified about your awaited date.

If you are the person who ever wonders if Android and iOS can ever work together, then this is for you. They say you cannot have the best of both worlds but trust me. You can work with CalDAV. Connect your reminders, contacts, and calendar in Android. Stay in sync with all your devices, and you can maneuver over them even when you are in your Apple phone. Wonderful, isn’t it?

If you are the person who looks forward with a day together with your family, then this is for you. Let us face it, nobody wants to set that date, and you are arduously looking forward to it, and everyone ends up with, “Oh, I was not informed.” We do not want that to happen; that’s why everything has to go in sync.

CalDAV Android Sync Helps you Organize

With CalDAV, you can conveniently manage your family events and use a hundred percent editable calendar where everybody can freely alter so the gathering can further fit their sched. Go and get that perfect occasion planned for your family with your family!

If you are the person who cannot allow things to be missed or forgotten, who values being in sync with others, who knows that other people might have a load on a certain date, who believes that things have to be one to work, then this is for you.

We stand true with our five core values when it comes to this application service: decentralization, righteousness, openness, independence, and demonopolization. CalDAV will not fail you as it stands with such value-imbued infrastructures.

Two-way sync. Seamless integration. Secure and reliable. CalDAV Android is here, be in synch and get the best out of endless possibilities.

Photo Cred:
Tinh Khuong