When it comes to implementing the CalDAV clients, you can take advantage of different options. Each option will offer you a particular function so that you can use the CalDAV server.

To help you choose between different supported development options and determine which one will work best for you, you can consider getting to know each of them.


In the supported development for the CalDAV clients, you can choose from the following options:

  • aCal

This CalDAV client works on open source or Android. You will need to use a CalDAV server to make it functional.

  • 2Do

2Do refers to the task manager intended for calDAV iOS. This CalDAV client requires for CalDAV for storing and accessing a task distantly.

  • Atmail We Client

This CalDAV client is being included with jQuery and Product PHP. It supports the creation of tasks and events, and you are allowed to schedule appointments or work. It is an intuitive interface that you can use to create, resize, or move scheduled events. It can also support Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, and other modern browsers.

  • Akonadi

For Linux or open-source, you can use Akonadi which provides you applications along with the centralized database for storing, retrieving, or indexing your personal details in the KDE. Besides, it supports the CalDAV for journals, tasks, and calendars.

  • CalDAV Sync Adapter

This sync adapter is designed for open source or Android. It allows you to utilize a default Android calendar app, which is usually pre-installed along with your desired CalDAV server.

  • jqCalDAV

This is among the CalDAV clients that are intended for modern web browsers. This is where you need to use a few html5 as well as a number of css3.Patches. You also need to utilize en-us.js file translations and bug reports.

  • EVO Collaborator

This is designed for Outlook (ECO) which allows you to use CalDAV for contacts, tasks, and calendars. Every time you make changes, synchronization of tasks, calendars, and contacts takes place. Since it supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and AOL, you can easily import file or anything you have on your cloud.

  • Raindelar

Raindelar is a multi-platform which you can run on Linux, macOS, and Windows. It is available in both purchased Pro version and free Lite version along with CalDAV support.


Besides supported development, there are also unsupported development options:

  • Mulberry

This CalDAV client is best for cross-platform and open source. It supports CalDAV scheduling and Access. This option is unsupported since 2005.

  • Chandler

Since 2009, this CalDAV client is not supported. However, it is known to be ideal for cross-platform and open source. It also offers a CalDAV Access support.

  • SimpleCal

This Windows calendar app is designed according to the CalDAV standard. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Vista. It has been unsupported since 2013.

  • Spicebird

Spicebird refers to the collaboration app that supports different open-source software like Thunderbird and Mozilla platform. It also includes CalDAV support and not supported since 2009.

With the above CalDAV clients, it becomes easier for you to choose which among them will help you obtain the best CalDAV experience.