Are you not yet familiar with CalDAV Sync? In this post, you will learn more things about CalDAV Synchronizer and use it more effectively.

CalDAV Sync is among the CalDAV client being built for Android. It helps you to synchronize your tasks and events. Since it is also implemented as a sync adapter, it is possible for you to integrate with a default calendar application seamlessly.

Meanwhile, for you to take advantage of pf the task support, GitHub the task app which is available on GitHUb. When you start with version 0.4, you will experience a nice webcal feeds support. All you need to do is to choose the WebCal option or even open the link on your desired device.

CalDAV Sync Features

When you use the CalDAV Sync Version 0.4, you can uncover the different features such as two-way sync and Android versions supports. It is also known to support webcal feeds and tasks.

Furthermore, it is possible for you to sync your entire calendar and could use a sync-collection report automatically if the server you utilized supports it. Besides, CalDAV sync also supports the opening attachment and a client certificate authentication. It provides a full support for the time zones, attendee sync, recurring events.

As you perform a long-press on your calendar during the setup, you can change the display color or name. It has been also approved by the Silent Circle, as well as available on Blackphone devices.CalDAV Sync

CalDAV Sync with Hosted Email

If you have a hosted email account, you have a better chance of synchronizing the contacts and calendars. Using a hosted email account, you can synchronize your calendar data throughout different devices. That is because  Sync is compatible with Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, iOS 5+, Mac OS X, and Android.

If you are planning to configure CalDAV, you can utilize your domain name in the URL. So, how can you set up CalDAV Sync on Android?

Free Beta Setup for CalDAV Sync

  • To begin, install CalDAV Sync Free Beta and tap the “Settings” section
  • Select the “Accounts” button
  • Tap on the “Add Account” button
  • Select the “CalDAV Sync Adapter”
  • In the “User” section, you need to enter your email address
  • In the “Password” section, type your email password
  • In the “URL” section, you have to enter
  • Tap the “Sign in” or “Register” button

DAVdroid CalDAV Setup

  • First, you need to install the DAVdroid
  • Select the “Accounts” button
  • Tap on the “Add Account” button
  • Select the “DAVdroid” section
  • In the “User” section, you need to enter your email address
  • In the “Password” section, type your email password
  • In the “URL” section, you have to enter
  • Tap the Next button
  • Simply select any calendar you wish to sync

So, whether you want to use the Free Beta or DAVdroid setup, you can find the setup process straightforward and fast.

Some Common CalDAV Sync Questions include:

What is a CalDAV Account?

It depends on your CalDAV Client, but a CalDAV account references the access credentials you use to log into and access your specific CalDAV instance.

How Do I Sync CalDAV with Outlook?

Try it here: Sync Outlook and CalDAV on Mac

What is CalDAV Synchronizer?

The article you’re currently reading should provide those answers.

How do I sync CalDAV with Google Calendar?

Check out our answer here: Sync CalDAV to Google Calendar

How do I uninstall CalDAV Synchronizer?

See our CalDav Sync Uninstall Guide here

Does Outlook for Mac Support CalDAV?

Yes, Outlook form Mac does support CalDAV. Learn more here: CalDAV for Outlook on Mac

CalDAV Synchronizer


Hosting CalDAV Servers

In the near future we are going to offer CalDAV Hosting via our CalDAV server infrastructure. Your business may need to host their own CalDAV server to manage Calendar synchronization in the organization.

Alternatively you may use other systems like Synology for your CalDAV connectivity.


If you’re in the market to sync WebDAV with cloud storage providers, we are currently expanding our offering to include and Dropbox WebDAV integrations. This means that your business can seamlessly allow users to upload and download files from their webDAV-enabled devices to your enterprise’s preferred cloud storage providers.

You do not need to manage setting up, maintaining, and upgrading servers or infrastructure. Our gateway service also stays up to date with cloud storage APIs to ensure continued connectivity. Your end users only need a 3rd party cloud storage provider that we can connect to, and our system will take care of the rest, including oAuth logins.

Don’t waste time trying to manage your webDAV servers when ours will help you immediately. We even offer a free trial to help users understand if our cloud services are the right fit.

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