It is not a new idea that CalDAV Synology integrations arerun by a schedule management application named CalDAV that gives way to better syncing and accessing dates in your calendar. CalDAV and Synology are partners as CalDAV uses Synology network-attached storage (NAS) that can be found accessible with any CalDAV client which may be in smartphones, computers, tablets, iPads, iPod touches or iPhones.

Since the two come hand-in-hand, you are about to learn about using Synology NAS how to manage your calendars securely. Relax, we will help you manage life. Basically.

CalDAV Synology

CalDAV Synology

With this, you can sync your calendar among Outlook, iCloud and Gmail accounts. You can also move your NAS calendars, and manage them in your iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Macbook.

These activities will be subdivided into four parcels namely: installation of WebDAV server and enabling CalDAV, accessing Synology calendars on the internet, setting up your Synology CalDAV on your iPhone and managing Synology calendars with CopyTrans contacts.

Installation of WebDAV server and enabling CalDAV

Open first the Package Center in your desktop, look for the Tab Utilities then you will see WebDAV Server and then install. Upon installation, it will automatically start. Open the app and for security reasons, enable HTTP. Create then a new calendar and name it according to your will. Do not forget the calendar address and point the cursor to the calendar location to view the full URL address of the calendar.

Accessing Synology CalDAV calendars in the Internet

You will be the administrator and navigate to the Control Panel to find the Info Center then open Service Tab. Choose WebDAV. The service should be enabled. Check the box in the “Allow through Firewall.” Test the internet connection again. In the far right column, it should appear “Internet-accessible.”

Setting up Synology CalDAV on your iPhone

This will differ for every iOS version since every version offers the same. For iOS 11, open Settings then Account and Passwords Add Account Other then Add CalDAV account. For iOS 10, there is a slight variation. Open Setting then Calendar then Accounts then Add Account then Other then Add CalDAV account. For iOS 9, 8, and 7, the process is relatively the same.

Just go to the Settings App then Mail, Contacts, Calendar Add Account then Other Add CalDAV account. You will then be asked to type the external IP address of Synology Nas. Enter the username and password. Confirm it by clicking Next. No problem, your account will be added by then. Well, you can check in the Advanced Setting for the newly added account. You can now find the Synology calendar in the calendar app of your iPhone.

Managing Synology calendars with CopyTrans contacts

If Synology access is present in your iPhone, these calendars will be shown as read-only in CopyTrans Contacts. To make a CalDAV Synology connection, try this:

You can only export them, but you will not be allowed to rewrite them.

  1. To edit, you must add them in your CopyTrans contacts.
  2. Start the CopyTrans contacts, click on More, and choose Cloud Set-Up.
  3. Select New Connection and select Custom to the right.
  4. Fill in your Synology credentials into the Email and Password rectangles.
  5. Type in the full link of your calendar, close the Cloud SetUp window and wait until the loading of calendars is finished.

After finally loading, you can now edit them.

Photo Cred: STIL