Ever heard of that something used to sync calendars? CalDav Thunderbird working together can solve this problem. Ever heard of that something that better organizes your schedules? How about something that allows your team member to be notified when they have to?

I do- and I’d like you to hear about it, too. It is a CalDAV!caldav thunderbird

CalDAV is an Internet protocol utilized to sync your calendars. It can be for syncing in your Outlook or Gmail accounts. It can be across devices like smartphones and computers. It can also be for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and the sough-after MacBook.

CalDAV Thunderbird

You are probably acquainted with CalDAV and possibly WebDAV now, and you might wonder?

“So what’s its relation to Thunderbird? And what is Thunderbird? Is it like a breed of a bird?”

Thunderbird is a browser of Mozilla. Perhaps, it is quite foreign now because we all have been home to a famous browser that starts with G- Kidding aside, Thunderbird is just one of the many browsers of Mozilla.

Thunderbird has Lightning.

Okay, you are probably asking again, “What now is Lightning? Is it the blast of electrons in the sky?”

Apparently, for this time around, dear, it is a no again.

Lightning is an extension for Thunderbird that was designed to organize the schedule and a lot of your life’s important events. It also extends itself to allow you to manage multiple calendars, create your very personal to-do list, subscribe to numerous public calendars, and invite friends to events. Lightning with its magnanimous capacity empowers further Thunderbird.

However, are the features sounding familiar to you? Let us recall again.
CalDAV arguably shares similar goals. Lightning and CalDAV could be on the same driving road if we were to metaphorically put them as transportation cars driving across the Internet Traffic.

The question is, is it possible to set-up CalDAV with Thunderbird Lightning?
I will bet you a lot because it is!

11 Steps for CalDAV Thunderbird Integrations

It just takes eleven steps to accomplish the task. It just involves hovering of your cursor, reading and thinking so you can follow directions properly!

  1. Open Thunderbird
    1. Just open the browser then at the top of the screen you will find a calendar icon, do not hesitate to click it for it is the first among the steps.
  2. Creating your New Calendar
    1. Right-click on the current calendar and on the menu that pops, select New Calendar.
  3. Choose where the calendar is.
    1. Click On the Network the Next.
  4. Open the Webmail
    1. Log in and select the cogwheel beside the Calendar you want to set-up. Under the options, select Show CalDAV URL.
  5. Copy your CalDAV URL
    1. Copy your distinct address for your calendar and then back to Thunderbird.
  6. Configure the New Calendar
    1. Under format, select CalDAV and paste it for Location. Click Next to Continue.
  7. Choose Name as well as Color
    1. Enter your chosen Calendar name and then pick a color. Click Next afterward.
  8. Finish Set-up
    1. Now that your calendar’s all set click Finish.
  9. Try creating an event in Webmail
    1. This is to ensure everything is ready to go. Click create and event, and you will have to set-up in the calendar.
  10. Sync in Thunderbird
    1. Return to Thunderbird and select Synchronize in the top left corner.
  11. All done!
    The event you just set will show appear on the calendar. Voila!

Photo Cred: Martin Robles