CardDAV: An In-depth OverView

CardDAV is a simple vCard address extension used in WebDAV. This feature is an address book server protocol that lets users have complete access and also allows them to share the contact data on a WebDAV server.

Developed by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), a group of engineers that are set into numerous task force to maintain the various standards and protocols over the internet. CardDAV is a protocol that is based on HTTP same as WebDAV.


CardDAV:  How it works and helps you

This WebDAV based vCard easily sync all contact related files in a go and sends them directly into your mail or cloud. As a results users are able to send all syncronized data to their respective WebDAV Database or to their mail accounts.  To easily sync all your contacts to Gmail, simply do the following

  • Go to Setting on your phone.
  • Then select Mails, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Press  Add Account and then select Others.
  • Then press Add CardDAV Account
  • Enter all your credentials and then press the next button
  • Next, you know, all your contact has been backed up by CardDev to your Gmail.

using a configuration profile provides a streamlined user experience. Users might even not notice that this is CardDAV, as contacts synced via installed source will be displayed together with all other contacts on the user’s device. It’s that simple.

Karlis Lauva,from FullContact

So, that’s all about how it works, now let us look on the simple ways on how can this simple extension help you out

If you are the kind of person who regularly manages their contacts on a computer or mobile device. More specifically, if you are an Apple user with iOS or OS X  that has to sync up all their Contacts immediately with their  Google Contacts but is not being able to and is confused on how to then CardDAV is the solution for you.

The best part about this is the fact that is pretty fast to set up, can work in all major type of OS software like Windows or Mac and works quite well in the major vCard applications. Also, Synchronization through this is very flawless.

How is WebDAV related to this vCard Extension

To related CardDAV with WebDAV, one must simply understand that this protocol is just an address book extension feature created by WebDAV. So it provides the same overwriting protection and control access as WebDAV but also syncs up address books from all devices by using the vCard format. Apple, which uses it for macOS and iOS, led the development of the RFC 6352 specification by integrating it with WebDAV.

Through this article, we can easily make out all the functionalities of the protocol. Now, this protocol is also one of the major features of WebDAV much like all the other important features that WebDAV has to offer. To learn more about such other features simply go on to our main website and be a part of our enlightened team.