Do you wish to set up CardDAV Android integrations? If yes, you need to be aware that Android does not have a particular program for setting up CardDAV. But the good news is it can work effectively using apps that you can find on Google Play store.

If you not sure which application is best for setting up CardDAV on Android, you can take advantage of DAVDroid. This app is preferred by most developers, simply go to

Here’s what you need to do to set up CardDAV Android

  • Make sure to install the DAVdroid app
  • Once installed, open the app and select the “Add Account” button
  • Enter your email address
  • Tap the “Create Account” option
  • Ensure that your email address and email password is correct
  • Tap on the “Login” button or add the URL of your server
  • From the screen, simply select the calendar or address book you desire to utilize on your Android

Besides setting up CardDAV Android connectivity, you can also try configuring CardDAV on Android. And, here’s how:

Before the setup of your email account, sees to it that you have already created the DNS records and mailbox. Use an account that allows you to synchronize with any mobile device. You can take advantage of OneCalendar app to set up your CardDAV account.

  • To start, launch the OneCalendar app and choose your preferred theme
  • Select the “Account type” section
  • Click the “CardDAV” option
  • In the next window, enter your username, password, and server
  • Click on the “Connect” button to begin the synchronization
  • Select the “Calendar” checkbox
  • Tap on re “Done” button to complete the configuration process of your CardDAV account

In case you prefer using alternative hostnames to configure your CardDAV account, you are free to utilize your domain name in the URL. Besides, you can also utilize alternative hostname intended for your email cluster, including:

  • (Alternative hostname Cluster A)
  • (Alternative hostname Cluster B)

When you use the above alternative hostnames, you need to make sure that you are entering the full URLs when setting up. For example, instead of utilizing, you can use By doing so, you are complying to the SSL certificate.

Below are the examples of what your URL may look like when you utilize the alternative hostnames:

If you are not sure which cluster your email is being hosted on, you can check it by performing the following steps:

  • First, you need to log in to the control panel
  • Next is to go to the Email section
  • Then click on the Settings tab
  • Lastly, check what is being listed under the Cluster Name section

With the above easy to follow steps, there is no way for you not to set up your CardDAV account or even configure CardDAV on Android. Simply follow the above steps and make your entire CardDAV Android experience more satisfying and straightforward.