Cloze is an app that caters relationship management, such as keeping inbox and contacts in one app. As some of you may ask, is it possible to sync my contacts from my phone or tablet or computer so I can use them in any app?

CardDAV Outlook Connections: An Overview

CardDAV OutlookYES! It is possible.

CardDAV is supporting cloze so you will be at ease from your data being stolen or rewritten by other apps.

If you want to sync your contacts in Microsoft Outlook using CardDAV, gladly follow these instructions that I will be sharing to you.

14 Steps for CardDAV Outlook Integration

There are only fourteen steps, so this will not be hard for you.

  1. Firstly, you have to make an API Key in Cloze for use with CardDAV.
  2. Second, tap on settings.
  3. Third, expand the API Key button and tap on the Add button. You can find these under the Close section. You have to take note that the API Key is your password whenever you are connection Cloze via CardDAV.
  4. Then fourth, you can add a label for each API Key. You can enter your label like “Cloze CardDAV for Outlook.”This is helpful when you want to know which key is being utilized for every app you connect. It is also beneficial when you have to remove access or delete the key temporarily. Type the name of the application that will use your new Cloze API Key then tap to add a button to create the key.
  5. Fifth, copy the API Key you just created. You are going to use this as your password in the next part of the procedure.
    1. You have to be familiar now with Open Protocols Connector. It was made for Microsoft to permit connectivity with a larger array of messaging service providers. Once it is installed, the integration of cloud-based services by Microsoft Outlook can now be possible. Thus, Microsoft Outlook can now provide integrated Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks. Tasks use the CardDAV Internet protocol.
    2. There are two levels of integration involved in this Connector. It can be for providing a similar experience with Microsoft Exchange to its users, or it may also connect existing folders of Outlook with collections of servers.
    3. From this, we can have our next step, which is to download and install OpenProtocols Connector. Make sure to restart Outlook when you are done.
  6. Seventh, go back to Outlook to connect Close CardDAV Outlook with the use of Open Protocols.
    Next, look
  7. for the “File” menu and under the Account Information heading, click on the Account Settings then select the Email accounts button.
  8. Ninth, select “New” and then Other.
  9. Tenth, find Other and select the Open Protocols Calendar/Contacts Service Option, and then select Next.
  10. Eleventh on the list, you may enter your credentials- your Cloze username that you used to log in- then paste the API Key you created and enter Cloze contacts in the description field.
  11. Twelfth, enter in the server information in the DAV tab.
  12. Thirteenth, restart Outlook after clicking the Finish button.
  13. Fourteenth, return to Cloze app, and then to More, then Settings then Scroll Down and click the Contact Sync for you to expand the section.

Your CardDAV Outlook connection should now work.

Photo Cred:
Clay Banks