Looking for one efficient way to manage contacts on either a mobile device or computer? You may be overlooking the essential features of CardDAV Sync! This is especially true for Apple users who want to sync their OS X or iOS contacts immediately through their Google accounts could find it very helpful!carddav-sync

What is CardDAV Sync?

For those who are still curious, CardDAV Sync is a CardDAV client for Android to coordinate contacts. Do not be confused with CardDAV and CalDAV. As have mentioned, the former is strictly used for contacts while the latter is a protocol for contact data and calendar.

CardDAV Sync Features

You may ask what’s to love about CardDAV Sync and how exactly it differs from other Google sync apps. Let its unique features speak for themselves!

Sync contacts from a CardDAV server (tested and proven to work with ownCloud, SOGo, Zimbra, DAViCal, Fruux, egroupware, david.fx, and more)

  • Two-way sync
  • Apple-style groups one-way sync
  • Self-signed certificates basic support
  • Auto-provisioning
  • Apple-style custom labels support
  • Sync collection request support
  • Stores passwords encrypted
  • Syncs names, email adds, phone numbers, pictures, birthdays, and postal addresses

Since CardDAV Sync is still under some development, you may notice some important features are lacking or missing. The SOGo Contact lists are not yet supported plus the categories, websites, notes, organizations, and instant messages are not synced with the free version.

Though we may expect for these features and other improvements in the future to ensure you’re getting the most of the app. CardDAV Sync is available to download on your system for free. Go search for Play Store then the carddav-sync free will be introduced. Click and install. Although, some websites offer a link to the app which you can install right away.

CardDAV Sync on Android

DAVx5 is supporting CardDAV. Setting it up is made easier and quicker. You will only need a username, password, and perhaps the URL for your server. Finding the URL is not tough at all as it must be available in the documentation allotted by the company that operates your server or simply in your settings. Now that you’ve keyed in your information in your chosen application select how frequent it should sync.

Google Contacts is now providing a CardDAV interface for users to view and take control of their contacts with its protocol. Contacts will be stored in user’s Google Account. The client app can utilize the CardDAV API for making new contacts, probing for contacts that match certain criteria and deleting or editing current contacts.

Over the years, we have depended on iTunes settings, Calendar and Contact applications on OS X, and Exchange for syncing our Google accounts. Now, Google embraces CardDAV and gives users a simpler and more efficient way of managing their contacts.

CardDAV provides users with multiple benefits over syncing methods such as Exchange. For instance, CardDAV will not require the user’s input. It is fully automatic. The combination of CalDAV calendar support, IMAP email protocol, and CardDAV guarantee a simple, clean, and automatic way of managing your day-to-day online life.

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