As a contact management app, CardDAV Synology helps you to sync and access the address book more easily and quickly. Besides, you can also use CardDAV to edit or view your address books with the help of computers and mobile phones.

Meanwhile, any changes you made on your contacts will be synced to the CardDAV clients that are connected to your server. If you wish to manage your contacts securely using CardDAV Synology, you can use the CopyTrans Contacts. It offers you a more convenient way of managing your contacts while accessing, synchronizing, or transferring them with iPhone, iPad, iCloud, Outlook, and Gmail.

How to Setup CardDAV Synology

In setting up your CardDAV server on Synology NAS, all you need to do is to follow the steps provided below:

  • Open the “Package Center” section
  • Select the “Utilities” section which you can find on the left-hand category
  • Install the CardDAV server
  • Open the CardDAV server app
  • Enable the HTTPS and utilize 8443 as your secure port
  • You can use alternative URL addresses like http: // EXTERNAL IP YOUR DISK STATION: 8008 / address books / users / [USERNAME] / addressbook / for easy connection, while you can utilize https: // EXTERNAL IP YOUR DISK STATION: 8443 / address books / users / [USERNAME] / addressbook / for HTTPS connection

How to Access CardDAV Synology Address Book Over the Internet

To ensure that you can access the address book using an Internet connection, simply follow the guidelines below:

  • Go to the “Info Center” section
  • Click on the “Control Panel”option
  • Open the “Service” tab and select the “CardDAV server” section from the Packages section to activate the service
  • Select the “Enable and Allow” section through the firewall
  • Save the changes you made and test the connection
  • Then the CardDAV server status will be changed into “Internet accessible”

How to Manage CardDAV Synology Address Book using CopyTrans Contacts

To edit your contacts on your iOS device, you can connect CardDAV Synology to the CopyTrans Contacts.

  • Open the CopyTrans Contacts by selecting the CopyTrans Control Center
  • Click on “More” option and select the “Cloud Setup” section
  • Tap on the “New Connection” button which you can find in your Cloud Setup window
  • Select the “Custom” option from the provided list
  • Fill in the fields for email and password
  • In the name field, enter “Synology”
  • In the server address, simply type https://IP address:8443/
  • Uncheck the “Calendars and Notes boxes
  • Leave only the “Contacts” box checked
  • Tap on the “Add Account” button
  • Tap on the red cross
  • Close your Cloud Setup window
  • You can start editing your address book after your contacts have been loaded.

In case you wish to view only your CardDAV Synology contacts in the CopyTrans, all you need to do is to tap on the “Funnel” icon. Then, you can start managing your address book with ease.