The WebDAV is the extension used for HTTP, which is considered as the protocol that web servers and web-browsers can communicate with one another. With this WebDAV protocol, the webserver can serve as a fileserver to support authoring of the web content.

WebDAV Alternatives : Which are worth checking out?

The WebDAV can expand the standard set of HTTP methods to give the ability to make a folder, edit a file, delete or copy a file and more. It utilizes port 80 for unencrypted access as well as port 443 (HTTPS) for a more secure access. Meanwhile, you must also know the best alternative to WebDAV to support your needs. With this, you can manipulate and edit your file. The following are some of its alternatives you can use.

FTP as a Protocol WebDAV Alternative

FTP or the File Transfer Protocol is among the best alternatives to WebDAV. This alternative has a design which is not firewall-friendly and needs its server procedure. However, the FTP doesn’t come with collaboration-oriented features such as version tracking and locking. WebDAV FTP Comparison

Wikis As WebDAV Competitors

Wikis can offer you with collaborative content on the web. These are group edited sites which can be used as project knowledge bases, community websites, and note-taking tools. The best about this WebD

webdav alternatives

AV alternatives is that you can change the content on the pages, modify the connections of different page, and creating pages. See WebDAV Wiki Comparison

SSH – The Closest of the WebDAV Alternatives

The SSH or the Secure Shell protocol is another great alternative to WebDAV. It utilizes cryptography to offer secure operating system services like command execution on an insecure network and access to files. Its services also include SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol and SCP or Secure Copy Protocol. Check out the WebDAV SSH Comparison

Box SimpleShare Compliments WebDAV

Box SimpleShare enables you to share files and images from your desktop quickly and easily. It is free and applicable to any Box account. Get more Box WebDAV information here


filecupid webdav alternatives

FileCupid is a simple and free option to share, upload as well as track your videos, documents, and photos. It can support about 10gb for free users


JustCloud is a secure, fast, and simple cloud storage. It can protect and back up your documents, photos, and other files to Google-powered cloud automatically.


koofr webdav alternatives

This WebDAV alternative koofr can offer you a simple, secure, and safe wat on storing, sharing, and backing up your photos, documents, and more. You can safely store up to 10 GB for free.


This alternative can sync your folders and files securely to your enterprise file server.

Synology Cloud Station

It can collectively synchronize the data on your mobile devices, computers, as well as different Synology NAS. With this, you can also make a private cloud.


webdav alternatives flowcloud

FlowCloud offers you with free online file storage service up to 120GB for free.

Filestash It is like a Dropbox manager that allows you to manage your data anywhere: SFTP, WebDAV, FTP, Minio, Google Drive, and more.

Twindocs Document Transfer WebDAV Alternatives

The Twindocs allows you to staple your documents, upload it, or send it together in a click. It can be your archive in the cloud.

Are you looking for a great WebDAV alternative? Then, the list above can help get you started. We hope you find WebDAV as useful as possible, but you may need one of these WebDAV alternatives for your specific use case.

In general, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways to manage file transfer in cloud storage settings. It is up to your architect and engineers to review all of the available options and assess which platform is best for your company’s private cloud storage needs.

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