Cloud is indeed one of the most mentioned terms in the technology world nowadays. For WebDAV cloud storage comparisons, we look at how this relates specifically to the WebDAV protocol. A lot of people do have an idea in this world, but their understanding of it is not that in-depth. Putting it into Layman’s term, cloud storage and online storage are arguably similar in a sense that both works through the wonders of the Internet. However, for more specifics, Cloud is only one of the many online storages available.

WebDAV Cloud File Storage Comparison

There are hundreds of cloud storages available in the market. Some are for storing digital images while some are for storing Web e-mail messages. Moreover, others are for the keeping of all other types of data. Some are small that they can only occupy a definite amount of data while some are huge that their warehouses are imaginably humungous.

At the very basic, a cloud storage system only requires a single data server that is connected to the Internet. Suppose a computer is subscribed to the cloud storage service, it can send copies of files over the Internet with the use of the data server that is responsible for recording information. Whenever the user plans to access the information, he or she can make use of the information through navigating over a data server with the use of a Web-based interface. The server responds by either sending the files back to the user or gives the client the power to access and hover the files on the server itself.

So much for the introduction of  webDAV cloud storage comparison, here are the comparisons for file storage:

  1. Just Cloud

If Just Cloud were to be rated among five stars with five stars being the best, it would only receive one star. If you are going to avail for online cloud storage, remove Just Cloud from your choices. Its pricing is too much for its offer and file sharing and syncing are terrible. Moreover, its system does not function smoothly.

  1. hubiC

Although sells cheap for $0.93 per month for 100 GB, this is also a Cloud service that one should do away from. This was a once-promising online Cloud storage, but the company has failed to comply with overextending its resources. It gives a decent experience though for the user in but it doesn’t do well when it comes to the mobile experience.

  1. iCloud

When it comes to features, Apple fans love the iCloud. More than the brand it carries, it also performs well. Its pricing is decent. Moreover, customer service is very good. However, its speed is relatively poor.

  1. Amazon Cloud

With regards to the performance of Amazon Cloud, it has improved a lot compared to its older versions. It has a fair pricing for $1.09 for 100 GB per month. Its ease of use is good enough and does not lag. Also, its file sharing and syncing feature work very well.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is arguably the pioneer in the Cloud world. It remains to be one of the most reliable online Cloud storages available. It is priced at $8.09 for 1000 GB per month. It offers both for speed and ease of use.