WebDAV FTP Comparison: Let’s talk details

To begin this article, let us have a clear knowledge of both FTP and WebDAV servers. As FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a protocol that is used to transfer computer files between a client and server on a computer network, much like the WebDAV just in WebDAV there is additional HTTP protocol making it way more feasible for the user to have additional access. When we have a clear cut in comparison of WebDAV FTP comparison then FTP is much older and much more widely used protocol. The best part about it is that it’s tied into our system.

Looking at WebDAV here. it usually uses HTTP (basically port 80) and thereby is sometimes better for getting passed an aggressive corporate firewall. It also gives access to a bit more editing as it supports file locking and letting multiple users getting access to the same files. The only problem of WebDAV in the system is that the files can ONLY be availed or operated by  WebDAV and cannot be accessed any other way.

WebDAV FTP Comparison: A clear WebDAV FTP ComparisonCut

From the above paragraph, we can have an idea about the upside and downside of both these servers. Now let’s look at some of the features that these two have to offer. Starting with WebDAV, It has a major feature, which is the ability to lock files automatically so that other users cannot overwrite the data.  Also, WebDAV supports XML properties due to which users can easily avail the data about the file, details about the author, the date of modification and namespace manipulation, this allows the resources to be copied or changed.

AS for  FTP, it requires a  client program which starts a connection to a remote PC running FTP server software.  Once a connection is made, the user can easily send or receive the files. The  FTP protocol uses two types of data transfer, one is plain text and the other one is called binary. Now, Unlike the WebDAV protocol, FTP does not support automatic file locking, This can lead to users accessing the original file and overwriting it with another file which may be disadvantageous.

WebDrive, often used as an FTP client, supports a variety of protocols.  WebDrive can be used as a WebDAV Client to map a drive letter to WebDAV servers, including Sharepoint.  WebDrive also supports SFTP and Amazon S3..


 Advantages of HTTP over  FTP:

We have enlisted some of the Advantages that WebDAV has over FTP

  1. As WebDAV works with one TCP connection it is easier to bypass firewalls as compared to FTP .
  2. WebDAV allows GZIP compression which is a standard for HTTP  but this is not supported on FTP
  3. WebDAV has HTTPS and due to this, it has a  wide choice of authentication methods. These methods are not found in FTP.
  4. WebDAV allows partial uploads and downloads but FTP does not allow partial uploads.
  5. Again because of TCP connection, WebDAV is a little bit faster than FTP when the task is about transferring small files.

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