This WebDAV Wiki Comparison will cover the differences between these two distributed authoring and versioning methodologies .WebDAV is an acronym for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning, wherein you can share your files with the use of Internet and remote. It is the main protocol that can help you to access the information schedule in the server and WebDAV provide software service to the user.

Advantages : WebDAV Wiki Comparison

  • You can copy and move the files.
  • You can create the folder so that your files will be organized.
  • You can change, remove, and retrieve the properties of your files.
  • As you can see WebDAV is protected by a password, so you need to have an account to have your web server, and it will act as the file server that allows you to work on the web content presented.
  • Apart from the authentication, the servers have access to the database.
  • It helps to prevent modification of the database.

WebDAV Features

  • Locking- It is responsible for the writing operations for putting, posting, and deleting. There are two kinds of lock: the exclusive and shared locks.
  1. Exclusive locks – It means there is only one person who has the lock and can’t be accessed by other people.
  2. Shared Locks – The group user have trust in every member to have access to one lock. Trust is very important so that all of you may not encounter resource problems.
  • XML Properties- It is the one that has the power to store and retrieve the database.
  • DAV Protocol- You will be guided by this feature on how to create, transfer, and copy the database.
  • DASL- It is the acronym for DAV Searching and Locating, and it plays a vital role to find the database.
  • Namespace Manipulation- It controls the copying and moving of your files.

WebDAV Comparison of Windows 7 and Window 8 in terms of Set-Up

Windows 7

  • You need to install first the software called Microsoft ISS.
  • Click the Enable WEBDAV and WebDAV Publishing role in your Action Panel.
  • In order to open the virtual directory dialog box, you need to click the IIS Manager and in the control panel, select the Default site, Add Virtual Directory.

Window 8

  • You can buy version 8 software on the Amazon website so that you can install the WebDAV.
  • Copy all your files to your device’s hard drive.
  • You need to restart your computer. Click the start button and then click the small button near the shutdown button.
  • Click restart.
  • Press your bios key, if you don’t have an idea about bios key. You can read the manual and try to press the keys.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Use the CD drive arrow keys so that you can choose your preferred option.
  • In the computer window, and then click the removable storage.

WebDAV ensure you that there is adequate maintenance in the properties of the database that you have. It provides protection in overwriting and access of your personal account in WebDAV.