Let’s see it as a simple overview of what are these WebDAV clients and how is the use of using them.

So generally many cloud-based collaboration services use WebDAV protocol to enable their collaborative features.

These features can be accessed through a WebDAV client in which users can log into their WebDAV account and take control over their server.


WebDAV Clients

So when the question arises of what is a WebDAV Client?

One could can say that these are the same as FTP clients, just these clients connect users to a web server where they can download or upload files.

WebDAV clients also enable users to edit and collaborate on files on a WebDAV server.

The key advantage of WebDAV against other  FTPS is the inclusion of additional properties like author and modification time of any file in its metadata.


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This also facilitates the WebDAV locking feature that is called DAV locking.


WebDAV Clients


DAV Locking

The locking feature blocks the write permission for everyone but the person currently editing a file.

This feature prevents overwrite conflicts, and it allows a resource to be occupied by one user only at a time. One user cannot overwrite another user’s edits; the person who opened the document first has the edit rights.

Furthermore, WebDAV can display who last edited a file, which is very useful for administrators and support teams.



Benefits of using these type of Clients for WebDAV

WebDAV allows easy smooth sailing transactions from individuals to multiple users by letting them collaborate the work where multiple users can edit the same file that too remotely.

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This the reason why WebDAV is extremely beneficial in a corporate setting, and WebDAV Clients help it in doing so.

Top reasons Businesses Choose WebDAV Clients

Clients for WebDAV

Following are the reasons show why a WebDAV client is preferable

High-performance value, that means it  will speed up the work as compared to regular FTPs

  • It uses multiple connections which allows access, writing, deleting, copying or moving of files from remote directories.
  • It also uses high-speed multipart and multithreaded transfer technology automatically.

Guarantees Perfect reliability along with  trouble-free processing of even complex WebDAV tasks

  • The interrupted or incomplete requests which normally disappears in usual FTPS can be automatically resumed here with just an application restart.
  • It has a  built-in request manager, which keeps a track of the user’s activities and keeps them  in detail

The Security standards are very high and they keep your data safe

  • It consists of strong cryptographic algorithms. These type of algorithms are normally used in banking systems.
  • It also offers optional password protection. To keep your server definitions safe.

It has Space-saving user interface which allows you to concentrate  on your primary tasks

  • This minimizes the amount of space occupied on the users desktop to one small screen which shows the status of running requests

The current version of WebDAV clients usually supports all kinds of FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and  all other WebDAV protocols  such as  direct (FXP) and indirect (protocol independent) server-to-server transfers.

These are the generic knowledge about WebDAV.

WebDAV Clients for Various Operating Systems

Here are a short list of clients that you may want to try on various operating Systems.

Transmit 5 WebDAV Clients

Where links are available, we have more extensive write ups on the webdav capabilities of each.

Otherwise we provide a ‘download’ or site link that will take you to the product in order to try it out or buy it yourself.

Most of the best webdav clients are paid products but offer free trials so you can see if they are compatible with your workflow.

Example of a WebDAV Clients offerings

Top Windows WebDAV Clients

WebDAV Clients

Although we don’t judge which is best Windows WebDAV

Clients in this post, we will provide you a list of software to try out and let us know.

  1. Mount WebDAV on Windows
  2. Filezilla
  3. Cyberduck
  4. Bitkinex
  5. WinSCP
  6. CrossFTP
  7. FireFTP
  8. Coffee Cup Free – Free WebDAV Client

WebDAV Clients for Mac

What is the Best WebDAV Client for Mac? Well, we will cover that type of comparison in a different post, but here is a straight list of clients you can try out.

  1. Transmit 5 for Mac
  2. CyberDuck
  3. Filezilla
  4. Commander One
  5. CrossFTP
  6. Mac Finder Mounting
  7. WebDAV Nav for iPhone
  8. FireFTP

Linux WebDAV Clients

These are just one snippet of the thousands of products, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide the Best Linux WebDAV Client.

  1. CrossFTP
  2. Nautilus
  3. CaDAVer for Unix
  4. Davfs2
  5. OpenDrive

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