The WebDAV protocol enables you to transfer folders and files from your local computer and site’s File Drop or Resources. Meanwhile, do you want to know how to download Cyberduck for WebDAV? This article can guide you.

CyberDuck WebDAV

Cyberduck WebDAV

Cyberduck is an external link that is highly advisable for users of Mac OS for WebDAV downloads. It also has a version in Windows.

Setting up Cyberduck WebDAV

You must download first and install in your computer the Cyberduck WebDAV client. As you download, you can be asked to purchase or donate a registration key. Well, it is not needed in using the application.

Open the Cyberduck and open the Connection. In your computer, you can open the Cyberduck and choose Open Connection option.

You can now type your WebDAV URL and login details. Then choose Connect.

  1. You can paste the WebDAV URL in the Server box. As you paste it, you can view this display in the box: as well as the full URL under it.
  2. You can uncheck the box of Anonymous Login box if it is chosen as default.
  3. Type your username in the Username box that you use to log in the UVACollab. Then, the URL will be displayed to modify to add your [email protected]
  4. Next, paste the Access Token in the Password box which you get from the Transfer Multiple Files page of your site’s File Drop or Resources.
  5. Check the box Save Password on the PC or Add to Keychain on Mac.
  6. Choose Connect.

It is good to remember that the Access Token will expire within 7 days. So, you must return to Transfer Multiple Files page and copy the latest Access Token to log in. It is the best thing to do to enjoy your WebDAV connection continuously.

You can now drag the folders and files to and from your computer as well as the folder of the UVACollab site.

With a WebDAV connection, you can delete, edit, drag, and drop your files from UVACollab site in Cyberduck. You can manage your chosen File Drop or Resources folder that is stored on your computer.

If you can view a site’s content, you are free to download different files using WebDAV through dragging the, on the site’s folder to your local computer. You can delete, edit, and save files in the File Drop or Resources if you have permission in the site.

As you carefully follow the above instructions, you can successfully set up WebDAV for Cyberduck. With this, you can easily access your remote files in File Explorer. If you want a more innovative file management system, WebDAV on Cyberduck is a great solution. With the above tips, you can make an edit, modify, share, and even delete your files in your computer in a fast and easy manner with Cyberduck WebDAV.

In today’s more digital generation, you can now enjoy a file and folder management on your computer with WebDAV. With this, your computer can be more organized for your needs.