Amazon has already put S3 WebDAV service into place, making it possible to let their clients or customers have a better experience.
However, do you find it difficult to accessing your Amazon S3 WebDAV integrations with the help of third-party software? Not a problem, there are several ways you can try to easily access an Amazon S3 bucket along with the WebDAV functionality.

Amazon S3 WebDAV – let’s get started!

This option serves to be the easiest way for you to access the Amazon S3 WebDAV. All you need to do is to use a third-party cloud gateway provider like the

You can also access Amazon S3 WebDAV by setting up a cloud gateway server. To get started, you need to set up a virtual server or dedicated server, which will act as a gateway. You can take advantage of Amazon’s very own EC2.

Furthermore, you have to set up a software that can mount S3 as a drive. For Windows, you can use WebDrive and CloudBerry Drive, while for Linux, you can try using Then, you also need to set up a WebDAV server like IIS or CrushFTP. Lastly, you have to set up a user in the WebDAV server with access to your mapped S3 drive.

How to Setup WebDAV for Amazon S3

Are you curious about how you can set up WebDAV for Amazon S3? Below are easy steps you can follow:

  1. First, you need to go through the AWS Management Console
  2. Simply select the “Services” option and then, choose the “S3” storage
  3. Select the “+Create bucket” button and click on the link to find the accurate region setting
  4. Make sure to select the region that supports the Signature Verification which is the Version 2
  5. After selecting the right Region in your Create Bucket screen, you need to enter your desired Bucket Name (your Bucket Name must be a combination of your company name and the Workamajig along with a dash in-between)
  6. Click the “Create” button
  7. Click on the bucket and click the “Permissions” tab
  8. Click on the CORS Configuration
  9. Copy the text that will appear to your screen and then, paste it to your existing CORS configuration
  10. Click the “Save” button
  11. Click on the “Overview” tab and then, click “Upload” where you need to select any file from the workstation to complete this action
    To see details, you need to click on the file
  12. Under Link, you have to copy the “Server URL” so that you can create your login credentials for using the Workamajig
  13. Click on the Login Name, which you can find in the upper right corner
  14. Click the “My Security Credentials” section
  15. You need to click on the Acess keys and click on the “Create New Access Key” button
  16. Click on the “Continue to Security Credentials” button and then click on the “Download Key File” or “Show Access Key” section
    After creating your access keys, you can then sign in to your Workamajig account
  17. Open your WebDAV setup screen
  18. Open any Workamajig project and upload a file
  19. Confirm that your file is invisible in the Amazon Bucket

With the above easy steps, it is now possible for you to set up your Amazon S3 WebDAV.

WebDAV Amazon S3 Integrations are coming soon at

WebDAV Amazon S3 Integrations are coming soon at You will be able to sign up for our service and get credentials to connect to our WebDAV gateway server. It will automatically upload any files from our servers to the S3 Bucket of your choice. This enables you to connect accounts without having to go to any trouble of maintaining webdav servers, setting up webdav servers, managing  Amazon S3 WebDAV connections, or any other unnecessary pains.