Have you ever just looked at your emails and ever felt like you just were buried? Or is the data you are dealing with feels all stuffed up? BaseCamp WebDAV integrations might help.

Are tasks too scattered that they even drag your thought with them? With documents, emails, and conversations that seem to be so unorganized. You cannot even identify them well, and you can’t help but hope, “What if there is an organizing machine that will magically sort all of these?”

Go Basic with Basecamp WebDAV!

Well, lucky for you- the technological world makes that wish you ponder on possible. Basecamp is a task-tracking application that minimizes the work that is piling up. You probably have a lot of questions still but hang on, and we’ll get to each feature a bullet after bullet.

Basecamp Single-Handedly Organizes Your Files By Category and save to a webdav server integration Emails belong to one group, chat threads in another, and Word documents in one separate folder. Basecamp knows classifications so you can better look through, search, and not overlook what needs to be prioritized. You can also link your Google docs, and you got the options to keep things tidy.

Basecamp WebDAV

Hey Panel. This application has its “Hey!” panel, and it just takes cares of notifying you for new emails, comments, conversations, and a long list to go. It gives you the freedom to turn off your notifications, optionally gets notified, set the hours when you can be notified and mention somebody when you want them to get notified. It is like it is allowing you for a “Hey” and allowing you for a “Nay.”

Monitor Report. If you have a fear of missing out, this one is very suitable for you. You can monitor report deadlines, check which is assigned to whom, day’s task accomplishments plus what needs to be done the day after. See? You will not have to worry whether you’re skipping a report or forgetting deadlines. Basecamp has it figured out for you.

Email Forwards. Want to move forward now? This application includes email forwards where you and your team can discuss privately. You can reply to the sender when you are prepared, and their reply will push through directly in Basecamp.

Communication Features. Aside from this has a direct message feature, it also paves a better communication with your client. You can share to-dos with your clients, messages, and more. Everything remains private unless you allow sharing.

Hill Charts. You can see if you’re progressing is going up or down the hill! Basecamp has hill charts provided to track if you’re having that upward ride with your team.

Group Chats. Basecamp has group chats and you can check-in with your members as easy as you can imagine. You can ask, comment and pick the hour you want!

Basecamp WebDAV Conclusion

Basecamp WebDAV connectivity saves you time. This means you can now focus on the progress that needs to be accomplished. It alone can do what used to require four or five apps. Basecamp is a one-stop stop that costs $99 only. In 2019, more than 3 000 000 accounts signed up for Basecamp. You might want to join the numbers. You should join the numbers. Connect Basecamp WebDAV integrations today with our new gateway service.

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