Egnyte WebDAV: What is it all about

Egnyte is a company which provides Softwares for file sharing enterprises. Egnyte is used for storing a company’s files and existing data internally in it and also can be synchronized to the cloud computing storages. This is where WebDAV comes into action as WebDAV generally allows users to edit, create and manage files collaboratively from a remote Web-based device from any location.

So for Egnyte to perform its action, the accountability of WebDAV is necessary as it uses both FTP and FTPS network for gaining access. This concludes the meaning of Egnyte WebDAV. In addition to that, there are no Egnyte VMs which can act as gateways, So the only accessibility to Egnyte is through WebDAV access for sharing. This is the same as how CIFS works.

Egnyte is a cloud storage company that provides WebDAV support with its USD $15/month power user account. ParaScale provides software that allows users to create and manage cloud storage. It has standard support for WebDAV



Egnyte WebDAV: Its Functionality

The Access is allowed to be set per folder either for single users or groups with either read or write, read-only and read/write or delete permissions. The Egnyte’s Web page can also be used by users to upload or download files using a Java applet. WebDAV works as a background process to help supply Egnyte application the fuel to operate all these tasks in it. This is the reason why most people don’t even know that Egnyte has been using WebDAV in it.

The WebDAV file system is slotted as a peer drive on a server which acts as the host on the user’s network or workgroup share. The application which handles these gateway services changes with respect to the Operating System and most are native. In Windows 7, however, the need for third-party software is required to run  Windows IIS7 on the client to WebDAV resources. File sizes for sharing files and storing its metadata of the storage are limited to 15GB by FTP or FTPS, 500MB via Java applet and 10MB by using single file uploader,. As for sharing huge files (15GB+) a need for physical drive is required for transfer.

How to Set UpEgnyte WebDAV

There basically two ways to set up Egnyte WebDAV.

  1. By using a Third-party App: Just Connect to Egnyte directly or WebDAV and then you can access files and automatically the files back to Egnyte.
  2. By using  Egnyte mobile app: Select the files from the app, then tap Open In option. This also all0ws you to view or edit the file with a different app. UsTo uploads a file back to Egnyte then just go to  Save Back or Open In option.

Apps that Connect via WebDAV

For apps to connect with Egnyte using WebDAV, use the following structure as follows

  • Domain Name/URL:
  • Username/Login:
  • Password:

For this to really work, users will need to have the Desktop App access enabled in Egnyte. This will allows users  to link their account with any apps which may need a WebDAV connection.

All these are different  WebDAV integrations and to know more just press here.