For online storage, you can count on ExpanDrive WebDAV. You can effectively utilize Exandrive for connection into a WebDAV server with the help of

HTTP or HTTPS. Besides, mutual TLS, along with client certificate is also known to be supported by this protocol.

ExpanDrive WebDAV

If you are curious about connecting ExpanDrive WebDAV to your server, simply take advantage of the following steps:

  • From your ExpanDrive WebDAV window, simply click on the “Add” option
  • Click on the “WebDAV” section to display the configuration screen
  • Fill in the fields with the correct details
  • In the server section, enter the complete URL or
  • In the username section, enter your username you are using when connecting to the server
  • In the password section, type your password you are using to connect to your server
  • In the nickname section, you can enter an optional nickname
  • In the remote path, you can type an optional remote path if you wish to map to a particular FTP server directory
  • Click on the “Save” button
  • Click on the “Connect” option

Did you know that you can also use ExpanDrive WebDAV for mounting a Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) namespace? You can use vCenter namespace to act as your content library, where you can store drivers, apps, ISOs, and more.

To enable the ExpanDRive WebDAV on the namespace, all you need to do is to:

  • Log into the Hitachi Content Platform tenant which contains your desired namespace
  • Click on the “Namespaces” section
  • From the namespaces list, simply select the “Protocols” tab
  • Click on the “HTTP(S)” option
  • In the bottom part of the screen, sees to it you checked the “Enable WebDAV API” box
  • Click on the “Update Setting” option

If you wish to add the HCP namespace through your ExpanDrive WebDAV, you can make it possible by following the steps below:

  • Open the ExpanDrive
  • Click on the “WebDAV” section
  • In the server section, you need to enter the URL or
  • In the username section, enter your username correctly
  • In the password field, enter your password carefully
  • In the nickname section, make sure to specify your entry to easily identify the drive
  • Click on the “Connect” tab
  • Then a Finder window will open along with the new drive in the display, and you can find a data folder and metadata folder

Once you successfully opened the new drive and the folders, it is the time for you to begin browsing, deleting, uploading, and more.

With the help of ExpanDRive WebDAV, it becomes easier for you to access or Dropbox files over the DAV protocol even without installing these apps. Once you log into the application, you will acquire your credentials immediately so that you can connect to the servers. Thus, you can forward or transfer your files to the cloud storage with ease and no risk issues while enjoying fast and convenient way to store your desired files.