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In this article, I am going to cover the best Google Drive WebDAV integration options we’ve found.

I’ll also share with you the one secret private cloud storage option that allows you to sync your businesses data between nearly any cloud provider .

After that, I’ll show you the 7 most important features of enterprise cloud gateways.

You need to get files backed up from your WebDAV enabled devices.

You want to seamlessly transfer them to Google Drive.

You don’t want to build your own WebDAV server.

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You definitely don’t want to manage and keep track of API updates and connectivity issues with a WebDAV integration.

This article will guide you through the options you have for Google Drive WebDAV connectivity.

In this age of Cloud storage, it can be pretty easy to think that sync drive like GDrive must be easily established with WebDAV.

Google Drive WebDAV Integrations

Google Drive WebDAV integrations are common in the cloud storage community. In the case of Google Drive, it does not support any WebDAV protocol tech natively.

However,  even without WebDAV native connectivity, there has other ways to allow data to be stored or accessed from WebDAV to Google Drive

Still, it is a common tool for managing and organizing different files for different cloud services.  So we now that Google Drive WebDAV has no native help from Google Drive.

Google Drive WebDAV Support

And only by the help of third-party bridge software, users are able to create a Google Drive WebDAV sync or backup connection. More likely it this third-party software are the only solutions to build these bridges around restrictions.

Google Drive WebDAV Cloud Storage

Google Drive is a cloud file storage and synchronization service provided by Google. You can store your documents, photos, music, videos, etc. all in one place. Additional to sharing and storage, Google Drive (via Google Docs) enables you to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, and more.


Google Drive WebDAV

Google Drive and WebdAV

What does WebDAV do for  to help Google Backup Clouds

As we know that the WebDAV protocol interface lets us to connect with a lot of different clouds such as NextCloud, OwnCloud Hsync, and other private services, and many more. It also covers many clouds such as Box or OneDrive.

Currently handles connectivity for both and Dropbox. We do not provide service for Google Drive.

Handy Backup is a tool we sometimes recommend for those looking at Google Drive back up which does not require a nativeWebDAV interface.

handy backup google drive webdav


Without 3rd party tools, there are two other methods to  create Google Drive backup without the use of WebDAV: This is done by

  • using a specialized instrument or
  • By synchronizing data by using the local Google Drive sync folder.
webdav google drive


But this does not mean WebDAV is totally useless, Users may still require WebDAV features like some bridge service in Handy Backup to gain access to a Google Drive account.

Even though this, the usual two methods which are discussed above has proven to be more efficient, faster and more reliable than any other third-party solution for data transferring.

11 Steps to Organize WebDAV-Google Drive Backup

To organize the file for both HTTP and Google Drive, please follow the instructions below. Users can either use simple or advanced task wizard mode without restrictions.

  1.  Open a New Task Wizard by Clicking Create or  by pressing Ctrl+N
  2. After that, choose the backup task type
  3. After that select either simple or advanced task wizard mode.
  4. After that Click Next.
  5. Now in the Cloud group as a data source and select Google Drive
  6. Then Select Create a connection to connect to your Google Drive account
  7.  Select backup data, In the data selection dialogue, from a Google Drive account.
  8. Click OK, then Next.
  9. After that, select WebDAV for connecting to a cloud destination.
  10. Again, make a new WebDAV connection and then create a folder for saving or storing the Google Drive WebDAV backup data.
  11. Select OK, then Next.

And this is how you integrate GDrive with WebDAV to access your files.

Google Drive Webdav

In the near future we will be adding Google Drive WebDAV destinations in our application.

This means that you can easily connect your webdav enabled devices to Google Drive.

You won’t need to create or manage your own WebDAV server.

You won’t need to manage logins, credentials, or any other annoying aspect of WebDAV server management.

Our system takes care of handling the ongoing API connectivity between G Drive and your Web DAV apps.

If you’re interested in getting on our Alpha Product launch for Google Drive WebDAV integrations, then please shoot us an email immediately.

What is the Google Drive WebDAV Url

For more info on this google drive WebDAV url check out the GDrive webDAV site.

If you’d like more information on how to connect your WebDAV app or device to Google Drive, let us know immediately.

We can forward you to where our service can help, or direct you to a partner if we can’t help you directly with your google drive webdav access.

Google Drive WebDAV

WebDAV Bridge for Google Drive

If your development team wants to use an open source solution to connect WebDAV to Google’s cloud storage options, then you may want to take a look at the gdrive-webdav project.

This is a simple server built in the Go Language that should help get you started. Fair warning: we have not tested this and we do not believe it is up to the RFC specification for WebDAV. Alternatively Our servers are made to the RFC Spec.

The only guarantee is from the developer themselves:

Alpha quality. I trust it my files.


This is a common theme you may run across open source webdav projects.

The developers have created a solution to solve their own problem but have not fully built an enterprise grade solution.

Yes, they’re “free webdav servers“, but they won’t provide the reliability or guarantees that a solution like can give your team.

Is Google Drive a WebDAV?

Google drive doesn’t have the ability to make a WebDAV connection right out of the box.  This is called “native webdav functionality” and Google Drive does not provide it.

There are a few ways you can connect to google drive to webdav.

Most all of these include 3rd party applications that you will use to connect or sync to Google Drive by way of API access.

Here at, we provide what we call a WebDAV gateway server.

It sits in between your WebDAV enabled devices or applications and Google Drive. So, you are basically sending

Instead of connecting directly do GDrive webdav, you will send your files and file updates to the gateway server first.

WebDAV Gateway server quickly forwards your files to your GDrive, utilizing the Google APIs related to Drive.

webdav gateway server gdrive

If you are a developer or have a team of software engineers, you could build this connection yourself.

However, it takes a fair amount of work and planning to build the custom solution for your needs.

You also need to consider the amount of effort needed to maintain the code, and monitor both Google Drive and WebDAV for API updates.

Get started with a WebDAV Gateway Service right now. Click here to check out our partner offering that will give you instant WebDAV G Drive connectivity.

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Google Drive WebDAV Support
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