Clients who need email hosting for their business have been heavily relying on GSuite WebDAV integrations.

However, what some people don’t know is that it is more than just email.

GSuite also includes a range of features and applications that come in handy.

What happens if you integrate WebDAV into it? Well, the benefits multiply!

What is The GSuite WebDAV Relationship?

GSuite was previously known as Google Apps for Business or Google Apps for Work. It is a brand of cloud productivity, collaboration, and computing software, products, and tools that are Google-developed.

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The set of Google tools it features range from Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, and Calendar to Google Drive WebDAV for sheets, forms, documents, and more

What made GSuite a very popular third-party app is the fact that it removes the issues of sending emails thru WordPress host.

Not to mention, depending on WordPress means dealing with deliverability problems. That’s not the entire case with GSuite.

Here, you can have a positive impact on your spam rating since it allows you to authenticate outbound mail through SPF and DKIM records.

Functions of GSuite WebDAV

GSuite WebDAV is among the online tools available these days that allow users to access multiple accounts and then sync between your storage services.

For instance, you can move or copy files from Google Drive to the app as well as manage other files with less effort. The process is made easier compared to traditional methods.

Exporting to common third-party formats may be possible too. This makes it simple for you to collaborate with other companies or persons and send files hither and thither without having to buy or install extra software.

Now, you can keep track of your online ad copy variationgsuite webdavs and PPC budgets, run financial figures, crunch spreadsheet data, write up content, get comments and feedback, and so much more.

Those who are just starting either in the business or for personal purposes can also have a comfortable time using GSuite WebDAV for everything and be fine.

Security is not at stake

Of course, you want an app that won’t put your personal information at risk. Good thing GSuite WebDAV offers the level of security and protection that every user needs while using it throughout.

GSuite WebDAV connections are secure by design. G Suite itself has already an essential layer of security called 2-Step Verification.

It can be applied for consumers to use either as a requirement or optionally.


When implemented, you will be texted a verification code or called you directly if a certain user tries to log in your account from an unknown computer.

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GSuite Takeaways when it comes to WebDAV

Gone are the days when managing data, sending files, hosting email, and other related virtual tasks need to be complex, extensive, and a bit unsecured.

Whether it is syncing calendar events, managing emails, filing size, creating comments, etc., GSuite WebDAV servers make all the process less hassle.

You can find it online offered by various sites.

Though when installing one, make sure the company or service provider is reliable enough to guarantee you will be getting out of the most of this unique application.

Integrating GSuite and WebDAV

You won’t find native support for integrating GSuite with WebDAV. However, it is possible to have your files backed up automatically by using 3rd party tools.

These tools utilize the Google Drive API to make secure connections and upload the files to your GSuite accounts in that method.

One tool we found that will integrate GSuite and WebDAVs is Handy Backup’s Google Drive WebDAV backup tool.

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