MultiCloud WebDAVMultiCloud WebDAV: All about its Integrations information

MultCloud is a free Cloud online application. This application not only manages multiple Clouds but also allows to transfers data across different data servers. When it is integrated with WebDAV, it is known as MultiCloud WebDAV .By this, the user is able to enjoy more functions provided by both MultCloud and WebDAV together. The main functions of MultiCLoud WebDAV allow users to,

  • Access and Move Files in Clouds: Users can easily access and modify files on Box, Cloudme, Hidrive, Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, OwnCloud, etc using WebDAV.

  • Allows to Transfer data even after Shutting Down: MultiCloud allows the user to n move their data and necessary files at backstage, even if there is no source of power in the computer.

  • Having the Option of Scheduled Transfer: By integrating MulticLoud and WebDAV together, users who do not have to time to wait for the transfer of files to happen can easily schedule the transfers on MultiCloud itself.

As WebDAV means Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning, and is an HTTP based communication protocol. During its years, it has added new methods instead of only POST, HEAD, etc. Which allows applications to read, write and modify itself to Web Server directly as well as allowing to lock or unlock the modifying file. Multicloud webdav implementations allow you to take advantage of this protocol.

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Usually, users can put and access all Clouds such as  Google Drive, SugarSync, Dropbox, Cloudme, MyDrive, etc. into MultCloud which includes WebDAV as well. So it means, users can you can use their WebDAV and other Clouds in MultCloud.

The General Concept  of MultiCloud storage

To understand MultiCloud Storage Manager, it is basically a software or an application that works with numerous clouds storages from a single interface. This is done to perform work on various cloud-related operations that too, all internally.

In technical terms, we can say that internally it implements or uses all the APIs of supported clouds while performing various cloud-to-cloud or cloud operations, the corresponding APIs would be invoked or called at the backend.

Naveen Jain Kumar, HCLTECH

MultiCloud is a free app that allows you to connect all your cloud drives and transfer or sync files from one cloud service directly to another. You can also manage online files from multiple clouds all under one virtual roof with upload, download, cut, copy, paste, move, delete. Rename, etc.


MultiCloud Storage Manager hides the variances among the different cloud provider APIs and permits you to achieve dissimilar cloud resources through a unified and easy to use API.

 MultiCloud WebDAV: The benefits of a MultiCloud Storage Manager.

Following are the Benefits of a MultiCloud Storage Manager

  1. This type of WebDAV Manager provides the ease of doing multi-cloud operations from a single interface. This, in turn, removes the dependency of a single working operation with per cloud APIs or with other cloud consoles.
  2. This also provides the ease of doing multi-cloud operations from a single interface which eliminates the dependency of an individual working with per cloud APIs or with the respective cloud console.
  3. All Visible effort done on the server can be seen.

Know More About such  WebDAV Integrations

Comings soon to the app is an integration with Multicloud. You will be able to use our WebDAV gateway service to automatically integrate multicloud WebDAV connections for your users, devices, or applications. Part of our vision is to provide webDAV connectivity from any device to any cloud storage provider and relieve your business of the overhead from managing WebDAV servers and API connectivity.

Our development team keeps our servers synced to the latest cloud storage APIs and manages the gateway servers for you. Your users can rest easy knowing their multicloud file transfers are reliably and affordably managed.